If you have been looking for something new to try, watch, or read, I’d like to recommend these:

5 favs 1The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt- It’s a new program from Tina Fey. Hilarious (I may have already binge-watched the entire series.) If you need a great diversion, (or say, if you need a reward for cleaning out a closet… for instance…) this is fun, mostly clean, and smart. Love it.



Here is the trailer:


5 favs 2This recipe for copycat petite vanilla scones!

I think they are better than Starbucks (I felt disloyal just saying that.)






5 favs 3On a Dollar a Day: One Couple’s Unlikely Adventures in Eating in America

If you are at all interested in social justice and food justice, this is a fascinating read. A couple of school teachers attempt to live on a dollar a day each for a month. The lengths that they went to in order to stick to the budget, while demonstrating what many families wake up to as an everyday reality,  will be inspiring and eye opening (while realistic. They do have a major fight about who is going to go grocery shopping and the division of labor in the kitchen.) I’ve read it a few times.

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