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Dear Clutter Free Friends,

poison paulaWhen was the last time you looked under your sink? Was it when you were frantically looking for the Resolve carpet cleaner for the spilled coffee? Was it when you could not find the pot scrubber brush for the burnt on macaroni? I bet it has been a while. At least it had been for me! I don’t often think to clean out under my sink, but let me tell you when you do a whole lot can be found under there, and you can actually organize it!

This Week’s Maintenance Challenge:

Go through the cabinet under your sink by emptying it. Wipe it down top to bottom. Find all of the items that are practically empty and throw out any of them that are old, expired or you don’t remember what they are for anyway.

Put back the items that:

  • Are necessary but contain harmful chemicals (toward the back of the cabinet). Ammonia, Air Fresheners, Bleach, Carpet Cleaner, Dishwasher Detergent, Furniture Polish, Oven Cleaner etc.
  • You use often (toward the middle). This would be trash bags, stack of cleaning cloths etc.
  • Smallest items can be placed in the front — such as brushes, sponges, and plugs for the drains.

When you use this simple but effective way to organize your sink cabinet, you will be able to find what you are looking for easier, limit the need for gutting the entire thing each time you need some cleaner and keep a safer home in case a pair of little fingers wonder into the cabinet.  Also consider going online to get “Mr. Yuck Stickers” from Poison Control if you have young children OR elderly people living in your home. This will also help keep accidents down if they are visibly aware of what is safe and what is not. You can also get baby proofing magnets. These are an easier way to lock cabinets and don’t scrape fingers trying to find little plastic hooks inside the cabinet door. Magnets need to be placed in the correct position and a small child will not be able to find it where as an elderly adult probably could.

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Tell us how many items you found under the sink that could be thrown away. Tell us how many bottles you had of the same thing that were all half full.  Join in and have some fun with this.

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Paula Tobey is founder of PheMOMenal Life Ministries a community for women to go get encouraged and equipped to be the best mom’s they can be to their children by living a healthy balanced life and by becoming all that God created them to be.  For more information go check out her website here

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