Sex, Love, and Intimacy…. It’s a part of our lives and yet, no one wants to talk about it. I mean REALLY talk about it. Even as adults, we have questions we are afraid to ask.

Kathi and Erin talk with author Juli Slattery about her book 25 Questions You’re Afraid to Ask About Love, Sex, and Intimacy to get to the heart of the questions to ask yourselves about godly sex.

Meet Our Guest

Juli Slattery

Juli Slattery

Dr. Juli Slattery is a widely known clinical psychologist, author, speaker and broadcast media professional. Her commitment to biblical principles, relatable style and quick wit have made her a highly sought after speaker to women’s groups.

Juli served as the co-host of the Focus on the Family daily broadcast from 2010-2012. She then sensed the Lord calling her to leave her position at Focus to co-found Authentic Intimacy, a women’s media ministry focusing on intimacy in marriage & intimacy with Christ. Juli’s books include Finding the Hero In Your Husband, No More Headaches, Beyond the Masquerade and Guilt Free Motherhood.

She and her husband Mike have been married for 19 years. They are raising their three boys in Colorado Springs where Juli can be found playing in the mountains and trying to manage her addiction to soy lattes.

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