Assignment: Find a used 3 ring binder or purchase a new one.

Getting organized for Christmas doesn’t happen overnight. But following the steps in Get Yourself Organized for Christmas will get you on your way in 25 days. One item you will need to keep all your Christmas information together is a binder.  It doesn’t have to be new.  It can be one your children used at school or one you used before.   It should be a 3 ring binder and if you want a special cover, you will need one that has a plastic covering with a slit to insert a printed sheet.    These look nice, but are not necessary.   I recommend the 2 inch binders so you have lots of room for everything.  If you have to purchase you can pick them up at your local Walmart, Target or Dollar Stores.

Supplies:  3 ring binder, pens, My Holiday Binder Cover

Share Your Thoughts: What kind of binder did you purchase or find around the house?   Did you download the cover?   Are you ready to Get Yourself Organized for Christmas?

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