Christmas Project 21

This one is up to you! What is something you have always wanted to do this time of year but just never had the time? Today is the day to do that thing whether it’s a craft you want to make, a tradition you want to start, or time you want to spend with certain people.

If you can’t think of something, there are some great ideas in the book to give you a jump start. Because these projects have gotten you organized and totally prepared this Christmas, consider this a gift to yourself for all of your hard work. Enjoy!

Assignment: Do That One Extra Special Thing

Think of your own special task that you have wanted to do for years but have never had time for. Today is your day to do that thing.

Not sure what to do for your special project, how about having a party or get-together. Choose your least favorite Christmas job and make it a party with friends. Invite your friends over through a Clutter Free inspired invite from Evite.


Doesn’t it feel great to have everything done, ready, finished so you can really enjoy those last few days of the holiday season with your family?

Merry Christmas!

For More Details: Get Yourself Organized For Christmas – Page 110

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