WE are a nation obsessed with storage.

We love to have systems, solutions, tricks and tips on how to keep ALL. THE. THINGS.

So before you do any of the suggestions below, my first reminder is that you can’t organize clutter.

Yes, you can go to the Container Store (I mean, why wouldn’t you? Their store is a little bit of heaven here on earth…) and buy all the bins, sorters, holders and hampers. But if you are using those to contain clutter, they will all just blow up in your face at some point.

So get your bedroom down to those things that you

  • Love
  • Use
  • Would buy again

And once you’ve culled your room of clutter, now it’s time to make that space work as hard as you do!


  • Baskets or small containers to hold misc. similar things (When I had longer hair, I had a basket with ponytail holders, barrettes, etc.)
  • Lazy Susan for makeup, brushes, etc.
  • Small tray to put bottles, etc. on. (Makes cleaning easier, just remove the tray)
  • Drawers – Organizers
  • Can be small boxes, etc.

Back of door hangers

  • With plastic pockets for small items (makeup, jewelry, scarves, socks, slippers, etc.)
  • Hooks for clothes you wear routinely (use these for PJ’s, robe, etc.)

Under the bed

  • Storage boxes – plastic, cardboard. I prefer plastic see-through (great for out of season clothes, linens, etc.)
  • Under bed drawers
  • Extra linens


  • Shelves above clothes
  • Shelves below clothes for shoes
  • Two poles for two levels of clothes (not smart if you want to store shoes underneath clothes or if you have animals that will rub against the clothes on the bottom – learned from experience.)
  • Hanging organizers that have a cubicle for each day of the week. (Get organized on your prep day with all the extra’s for each day of the week, including shoes, jewelry, scarves, socks or nylons, slips, etc.)


  • Baskets
    • Large for Dirty clothes
    • Square for books, magazines or various reading material.
    • Various sizes for miscellaneous items ( I know they probably have a home somewhere, but putting them in a basket and unloading when full is better than tossing on the floor or over a chair)
  • Bed Buddy – cloth organizer that hangs along the side of your bed between the mattress and springs or frame.
    • Perfect for keeping phone, flashlight or booklight, a small book, kindle, pens and paper (for those big ideas you get in middle of night) lotions, etc.
  • Add a square ottoman that is hollow for storage. Use it to sit on when putting on socks or buckle shoes.)   Keep an extra blanket inside, or other essential you may need within easy reach. Kids can keep video games, remote, in their rooms.

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