GOOD sleep. Sometimes it can seem like a unicorn… you’ve heard that it exists but you’re pretty sure it’s all a fantasy. Getting a good night’s sleep is so important for your physical, emotional, mental and yes, even spiritual well being.

Kathi and Roger (yay, Roger is on the podcast for this episode!) were newly weds 10 years ago and had to learn how to sleep together. If you are married you know this can be an ongoing “room for improvement” area of a relationship. In this episode, they share their 5 best tips in getting a good night’s sleep based on scientific research, experience and experimentation.

Listen in, try out the tips and check back in with a comment on what tip worked best for you.


Start sleeping better by decluttering your room. The attached has several ideas specific to your bedroom that you can get rid of today to help you get started. Download here. 


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