1. Get your bedroom clutter free

You knew I was going to say this, right?

You want to train your brain to associate your bedroom with rest, relaxation, and sleep – not work or household chores.

So not only do I want you to get rid of clutter in your room, but also the day to day chores that tend to pile up in there.

Put the laundry away. Take the work you brought home from the office back downstairs. Get the unpaid bills out of there. Clear out anything that has been stashed-and-dashed

Gather your decluttering supplies:

• 3 totes or boxes
• 2 bags (one for garbage, one for recycling)
• A timer
• (Optional) A chair or stool so you can work comfortably and reach what you need without moving.

Once you have your supplies, go through the Clutter Free steps:

Step One: Set up three boxes, a garbage bag and a recycle bag, and a timer. (You can use the one on your cell phone or your oven.) Mark one box as “Other Rooms” one as “Give Away” and one as “Put Back”. (Feel free to mark the bags, too!)

Step Two: Time Box by giving yourself 15 minutes on the timer.

Step Three: Space Box by picking one spot to clear out: a shelf, a drawer, a section of the counter. No more than you can realisticially pull out and put back in 15 minutes.

Step Four: Go through the area one item at a time, and use the three boxes to sort the contents.

Step Five: After 15 minutes, take 5 minutes to process your 3 boxes and 2 bags: take Other Room items to the other rooms, put Give Away items in the car for your next trip to the Goodwill, Put Back everything where it actually belongs in your bedroom, and stick the trash and recycling in their respective bins.

2. Calm Your Mind

We’ve all had nights where sleep is just a dream since our minds are pinging like a 1970’s pinball machine. Maybe you’re thinking of all you have to do – or all that you didn’t get done. Or maybe there is one special situation (usually one of the big four: Money, Marriage, Job or Kids) that is keeping you from getting the res that you need.

”A revved-up mind remains in a mild state of alertness even while you sleep, making you susceptible to nighttime awakenings,” says Michael Breus, PhD, author of Good Night: The Sleep Doctor’s 4-Week Program to Better Sleep and Better Health.

Find the time at night that is best for you to begin to calm your thoughts and:

• Read something light (non-electronic).
• Do some light stretching or go for a stroll.
• Write in your gratitude journal.

3. Avoid Bedtime Procrastination

Most of us are going to bed later than we want to (or our body needs to.) Maybe you get easily distracted by things that keep you from going to bed, or you are rushing to get those last few things done.

Researchers call this “bedtime procrastination.” Proactive ways to avoid it include:

• Setting a timer that turns off your electronics.
• Reminding yourself how doing one more thing can lead to another and derail you getting to sleep.
• Creating a before bed routine that takes exactly X number of minutes. Be sure to start it early enough so you have a little cushion.

4. Reduce Electronics

Cell phones and tablets are becoming more popular in the bedroom than television.

Dr. Breus cautions, “the light from electronic screens can trick your body into thinking it’s daytime and stop it from producing melatonin, the hormone that helps regulate sleep. News articles and games can also keep your mind very active, making it difficult to relax and fall asleep.”

To get a healthy night of sleep, instead of just “junk sleep”

• Experiment one or more evenings with no technology related electronics in your room and see if you sleep better.
• Turn off all TV’s, tablets and electronics one hour before bedtime.
• If you keep your phone in your room, move it away from your bed and place it facedown so it won’t light up your room.

5. Reflect on the trustworthiness of God

Do you find your mind becomes anxious when you think that you have to be in control of a situation? Has that ever kept you awake at night?

You can remind yourself that you God is trustworthy. Remind yourself that He is ultimately in control, not you.

• Put reminders on your phone throughout the day to remind you that you can trust God.
• If you find yourself awake during the night, you can remind yourself this by saying or thinking “God is trustworthy.
• Memorize and meditate on a Bible verse that reminds you that you can trust God. A few to start with:

Wise-Council-Feb-18 I-Love-You-God-Feb IWillNotBeShaken-Feb-18 I-Will-Put-My-Trust-in-Him-Feb LordisMyRock-Feb-18
























Sleep doesn’t need to be the enemy. Learn to love sleep again by being intentional about respecting your mind and your body.


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