I admit, consistency is not one of my “gifts”.

For most of my life, every week I had a new, “better” place to keep my keys. (Sadly, I was never, ever, able to find my keys, so the test of “better” could never really be proven.)

I used to consider myself free-spirited. But as I’ve gotten a little bit older (and hopefully, the teensiest bit wiser), I’ve seen that “free-spirited” is really the self-indulgent way of saying “flaky”. I do some random things and hope they work out in the end.

And when it comes to finding my keys, well, that has some built in consequences when I’m being free-spirited.

But when it comes to real life? Sometimes those consequences take a little longer to show up.

As I’ve looked at people who I want to be like when I grow up – the ones who are spiritually mature – the ones who as doing what they know God has called them to, one of the traits that I see over and over again is consistency.

Recently, I had a budding author ask me to share the inside secrets of becoming a published author. (I get this question all the time: “How do I get published?”) But she, and most other people, don’t like the answer.

“By writing every day, going to writers conferences, and learning everything you can about the business. “

She didn’t have time for that. She wants to be published this year.


That is what led me to share this post on my personal Facebook page. About the people who show up. Consistently, every day.

Are you ready to receive all that God has for you?

No. Really?

I believe that one of the most overlooked and under-appreciated traits of people who are doing big things in this world on behalf of God is faithfulness.

Those who show up every single day, not knowing if they are going to succeed or not, but knowing that they are doing the right thing.

The people who work hard at building up what God has called them to, but also recognize that building into other people, every single day, has eternal rewards we may never recognize here on earth.

I’ve seen it happen again and again. We think we are ready for the next big step, that we will just “catch up” when big things happen. But we need to be preparing and building in advance every, single day for what God wants us to do in the future.

By being in His word so when the big things come, we have the wisdom to know what to do with them.

By being grateful to Him for the small victories, so when the big things come, we don’t forget who those victories belong to.

By practicing faithfulness in the small things so that when the big things come, we don’t forget who we are being faithful to.

By investing in others, so when the big things come, we don’t forget whose family invested in us.

There is no shortcut to faithfulness, which is what leads to wisdom. It needs to be practiced in the “little things” times, so that when the “big things” come, wisdom is second nature.

God has big things for you.

Are you ready?


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