Can we learn lessons about business from watching TV? We can when it’s The Profit with Marcus Lemonis!

This episode is a special roundtable discussion with guests author Cheri Gregory, husband and ministry supporter Roger Lipp, and literary agent Rachelle Gardner.

Listen and learn why each person likes the show, which episodes are their favorites, and what big lessons they have learned to apply to their own business and life. 

  • Cheri Gregory-Author and Speaker
  • Roger Lipp-Clutter Free Academy
  • Rachelle Gardner-Literary Agent and Writing Coach

What we can learn about our business and our lives from the TV show The Profit with Marcus Lemonis.

Why each guest enjoys the show

Roger: I love how Marcus handles one specific business a week and goes into details of what they are doing and follows a step-by-step process on how they can make things better.

Cheri: I like how Marcus deals with people just like we have to deal with in our areas of life.

Rachelle: It speaks to my business heart on so many levels. Everything he talks to people about can be used by anyone who is running any kind of business.

Favorite Episodes

Rachelle: Sweet Pete’s S2, Ep6 Peter and Allison Behringer are candy makers who run a small business, Sweet Pete’s, in Jacksonville, Florida.

Cheri: Tonnie’s Minis S3, Ep3 Desperate to keep his cupcake shop going, Tonnie Rozier has burned through his wife’s retirement fund.

The importance of having someone protect us from ourselves.

Roger: Sweet Pete’s S2,Ep6 but also Grafton Furniture S3, Ep6 A father’s resistance to change is ruining his family furniture business–and wrecking his relationship with his son.

Multi-generation businesses training up the new generation with passion.

Lessons Learned

Rachelle:  Don’t get caught up in our own ego which can lead to bad decisions. Being able to be more direct and have more courage in communication.

Kathi:  Feeling empowered to ask for what I need. End things well.

Cheri:  What is core to my ministry or is it an extra interest that is distracting me? If relationships aren’t right, then it’s going to destroy the business. Deal with issues as they come up instead of waiting.

Roger:  Know your numbers. If you don’t know the details, you don’t really know what’s going on.


Meet Our Guest

Rachelle Gardner

Rachelle Gardner

Rachelle Gardner is an agent with Books and Such Literary Agency, representing both fiction and non-fiction. She’s looking for mainstream commercial projects for both the Christian and general markets. Non-fiction authors must have a book proposal and three sample chapters to be considered. She’s also seeking all kinds of fiction, and authors must have a completed manuscript to be considered.

Rachelle is also an experienced editor and coach!

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