This March, we are all about taking your office to the next level. In addition to your space, I want you to upgrade your mind. Here are five of my favorite blogs for taking care of business. Subscribe, you’ll be glad you did.

  1. I am a huge fan of the GTD (Getting Things Done) system and David Allen (and have been for years). It has helped me stay focused, more productive, and keep a tight lid on my clutter. It is an overhaul to apply his principles, but when you do, your life will become a lot more focused, quickly.
  1. Let me be straight up with you – Crystal is one of my favorite people on the planet, I would promote her making a box of Mac and Cheese. But Crystal has one of the best business minds I’ve ever encountered, and if you are in business, launching a business or thinking of starting a business, you need to follow what she is doing.
  1. Michael is all about using the time you have well. He is smart and focused and his blog posts give you the practical application that you need in order to make a real difference in your day (and your business.) Oh- and listen to his podcast because Michele Cushatt is the cohost and she ROCKS.
  1. You will never be bored listening to, or reading, Ken Davis. What I love about what Ken does is he is all about communication and making it as effective as possible. If communication is a part of your business, this is a blog to read.
  1. Aspiring authors – Chad is the one to read. He has had great success in launching books and now is sharing that knowledge with the world. If you are an author, this is definitely a blog you want to get on your rotation.

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