8 Simple Steps to Clutter Free Kitchen Cabinetsby Amberly of Kathi’s Clutter Free Academy Team

If you are wasting “thyme” because your kitchen cabinets are “peppered” with too many spices, it is time to declutter. Spices are expensive, and having too many or not having an organized system can be costly. (I’ve been known to buy a spice twice if I can’t find it!)

Follow these eight simple steps for decluttering your cabinets:

1)      Resolve to simplify and succeed.

2)      Clean your countertops so that all items can be removed and cleaned.

3)      Label three boxes: Put Away (items that will stay in the kitchen), Other Room (items that will go somewhere else in the house including the garage), Give Away (think of newlyweds or community organizations that might be able to benefit from your purge. You’ll also want a trash bag and a recycling bag.

4)      Remove all items from cabinets. Sort them into the appropriate boxes and bags (see above). Throw away items in an opaque trash bag to avoid decluttering regrets and dumpster diving in your own garbage!

5)      Throw all old spices away. They are no longer valuable and take up unnecessary space. Make a mental note of those you infrequently use so you do not rush out to replace them with something new.

6)      Before putting items back into them, clean your cabinets and shelves so that your slate is clean.

7)      Organize spices in “families”: those you use all the time, those used for specific purposes, those rarely used, etc. and  group them in the cabinet for quick access.

8)      Once your cabinets are organized, avoid buying bargain spices and/or warehouse-sized spices. Although it may seem to save a few pennies, it will cost you space and sanity.

Decluttering those cabinets can help alleviate stress and expedite your cooking time which is quite a “sage” decision!

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