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Rebuilding a Marriage Better Than New

“When you go through a major crisis in your marriage, you have a choice to make,” says Cindy Beall, author of Rebuilding a Marriage Better Than New. “If you decide to stay together, a few simple cosmetic changes won’t do. You need to radically start over. What this means is, we faithfully and intentionally find a new way of relating to each other, a new way of spending time together, a new way of being open with one another, and new ways of nurturing and growing our marriage.”

Beall believes that God doesn’t waste pain and that a couple who has experienced healing and is moving forward can now invest generously by ministering to others in similar circumstances. Today, Chris is a campus pastor for Life.Church and Beall ministers to pastors’ wives and women in ministry. The two often minister to other struggling couples.

“God wants to give you a new marriage,” says Beall. “But that new marriage can’t happen without a new husband and a new wife. Both of you have to participate. Let me tell you, when you change and believe who you are in Christ, your marriage will change. It will be better than you thought possible. It will be beyond your wildest dreams.”

When there has been betrayal in your marriage, restoration doesn’t seem possible and rebuilding a marriage seems daunting. Many of us just wouldn’t go down that road, but other times, when God’s plan includes rebuilding your marriage, He uses it to move mountains. So how do you go from a completely broken place, to a marriage that is better than new, fully restored and more connected than you ever realized it could be? Kathi talks to Cindy Beall, a woman that has gone from shattered to restored, betrayed but now, with a lot of honesty and hard work, in a marriage that is beautiful. She is the author of Rebuilding a Marriage Better than New, and Healing Your Marriage When Trust is Broken. Kathi and Cindy discuss what that honesty and work look like and how life can look on the other side of broken.

Meet Our Guest

Cindy Beall

Cindy Beall

Cindy Beall is a writer, speaker and mentor to women. She enjoys watching college football, hanging out with her sons, and sitting on her back porch sipping coffee with her husband, Chris. The Bealls have been married since 1993 and have spent most of their marriage in full-time ministry. They have three sons between them which means there is very little pink in their home but a plethora of air soft guns and camouflage. Cindy’s husband, Chris, serves as the Oklahoma City Campus Pastor at Life.Church and also oversees half of the OKC metro Life.Church campuses. Cindy oversees the Equipping arm on the Leading & Loving It team that ministers to pastor’s wives and women in ministry. Her first book, Healing Your Marriage When Trust Is Broken, released in 2011.