Today is another freebie day, and we are more than halfway there! Use this day to catch up on any projects you have been meaning to finish and cross them off of the list! Nothing feels better than to put a checkmark on your list.

If you are already all caught up on all of your projects, use today to bless someone. Maybe you could pay it forward to someone at the restaurant. Or bless the gas attendant with a random act of kindness card with $10.00 inside. You could also go visit a local nursing home with your children and have them sing a few of their favorite Christmas carols.

Share Your Thoughts:

Don’t forget to share with us what you did today! Did you catch up on that lingering project or did you have the opportunity to BLESS someone? How did it go? How did you feel afterward?

Avoiding Overwhelm:

If you know that you can become easily overwhelmed during the holidays, strategize in advance and put a game plan in place for how you will take care of yourself during this busy season. For instance, there’s no rule that says you can’t take separate cars to the Christmas party so you can come home before you turn into the Grinch.


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