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I feel like I’m running in circles and accomplishing nothing!

As a newlywed, 23-year-old first year grad student, I found myself constantly repeating this refrain.

I was working a part-time job, getting my toes wet in ministry at my new church, and sharing a vehicle with my husband who just started his first full-time job.

Add household chores and trying to make new friends to the list, and I was one busy lady.

Do you know the feeling?

Always doing and going and then you close your eyes at the end of the day and think, “Surely I accomplished something…” Then as you lay there you discover your primary accomplishment was making it out alive!

I certainly felt that way. And I still do sometimes.

The acknowledgement jar

Which is why I created an Acknowledgement Jar.

It’s a repurposed vase, which I sat on my desk next to a stack of notecards and a pen.

At the end of each day, I challenge myself to think of at least two accomplishments for that day and write each one on a notecard, fold the cards into squares, and drop them in the jar.

These can be small victories, like completing my daily workout or avoiding late fees at the library.

Other times I write down bigger accomplishments, like landing an internship or earning a bonus.

Some days my only accomplishment is just making it through the day. And you know what? That’s okay!

The longer I’ve done this, the more accomplishments I am able to think of. I even have moments now where I’ll think to myself, I can’t wait to add this one to my jar!

Pull out your own vase

Maybe you’re learning to be an adult like me (hello bills!).

Perhaps you work over 40 hours a week and come home to children, hungry for your food and attention.

Or maybe you are a stay-at-home mom, making sure your home stays a haven.

Regardless of your routine or stage in life, I am confident that acknowledging your daily accomplishments will be encouraging!

This one simple habit has given me an eye for noticing all the little victories. I am thankful as I linger in these feel-good moments.

One Small Win: Create an Acknowledgement Jar today and be motivated by your own every day accomplishments!

acknowledgement jar

What you need:
____Container (I used a vase I found under my sink, but a box, mason jar or basket works)
____Writing utensil

acknowledgement jarKelsee Keitel is a graduate student and blogger, living in Indianapolis, IN, with her newlywed husband. She is passionate about cultivating sisterhood through vulnerability and introducing young women to the freedom and abundance of life in following Christ. When Kelsee is not snuggled up with a book and sipping tea, she can be found experimenting in the kitchen or chatting with her mom.

You can read more about how Kelsee experiences divine moments in the midst of ordinary life over at or on Instagram and Facebook.

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