OK friends, it seems like we are all in need of a bit of help.

Recently, on my Facebook page, I asked the simple question: “What is your biggest clutter challenge? Your bedroom, kitchen, office, garage?”

The response, was a bit overwhelming to say the least. Here are just a few of the comments:

“Yes, all of it!! With 5 kids that don’t seem to have a cooperative bone in them (at least when it comes to organization and cleanliness), it is all a pit!” – Laura

“Desk. Because everything is ‘important’ and needs to be visible so I remember to do something with it, (she said from 6 feet under…).” – Diane

“Garage! No attic or basement so everything from extra files, books, bikes, tools, holiday decor & clothes (waiting for kids to grow into next size) are in there. It’s truly my nemesis!!” – Laura

“Oh, if I were to be truly honest, it would be my craft stash… yarn, beads, fabric…it totally takes over my office.” – Rita

And finally,

“Let’s be honest….all of it.” – Amanda

So here at Clutter Free we love a good clutter challenge. From the sounds of these responses, it seems like revving up for summer we are all in desperate need of one.

Starting May 1 and ending May 12th we will have our first annual “Spring Fling!” Here’s how it works:

1. Over 10 days, (weekends off to rest or, more likely, catch up,) you will be given one assigned room and instructions of what twenty items to “fling.”
2. We will have a private Facebook group where you can share your victories, get accountability, and share your photos of what you’ve “flinged!”
3. To participate, just make sure you are signed up to receive our blog, and then join our Facebook group.
4. At the end of the challenge, we will be picking a random winner from each day who completed the challenge to receive a copy of Kathi’s book The Cure for the Perfect Life, all about perfectionism, people-pleasing, preformancism and procrastination. (All things that lead to clutter!)

So let’s see, only 10 days and 200 things out of your house? What a great way to head into summer.
Won’t you join us for a Spring Fling? Your house will thank you.


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