clear out the bathroom

Day three of the Spring Fling, and it’s time to get serious … Let’s clear out the bathroom!

I’m not so worried about your sentimental attachments in the bathroom. (“But I can’t throw away that bottle of Axe Body Wash! I have to keep it — it was the last time my son smelled good.”)

But if you are anything like me, your bathroom can easily get filled with “just in case” items.

I am a worst-case-scenario kinda girl.

“What if we run out of money and I can never buy shampoo again. I don’t want to regret throwing out that six-year-old bottle of Head and Shoulders my cousin left here.”

What if I lose my job and I can’t buy lipstick again. Even though this color makes me look like an extra on the Walking Dead, it’s better than nothing, right? I should hold on to it.”

I get it. I’m a sick, sick woman.

clear out the bathroom

Those things in the picture? Those were all from my kids’ bathroom.

No kid has lived here in over a year. But I kept it all — just in case.

Did I mention that I’m a sick, sick woman?

I bet you may have had some of these thoughts as well. Otherwise, why would you have six containers of foundation and only use one?

It Gets Better

One of the best things you can do to reduce clutter in your bathroom is become brand loyal. If you are a product junkie, always trying out new lipsticks, hairsprays, etc., it’s easy to keep six different kinds of mascara around because you’re never quite sure which one is the best. Find a product that works for you, and when you start to run out, buy another one. But stop buying products you already have.


– Set up your three boxes/totes and two bags.
– Start with one drawer or one shelf.
– Do NOT pull everything in your bathroom to sort it out. Take it one drawer, shelf, or basket at a time.


Want to stay Clutter Free in your bathroom? Commit to using up what you have. Only buy a new bottle of shampoo once you’ve used up the rest of the shampoo you have on hand.

You say, “But I would never use that old bottle of Head and Shoulders!”

clear out the bathroom

Then throw it out. Only keep what you will actually use. This goes for makeup as well. When you run out, you can buy a new bottle, tube, or jar guilt free. Not only will this save you space, it will also save you money.

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