Hear from God: Hope in the Psalms

I have resisted the whole adult coloring book trend for the past couple of years. I was never much of a coloring book person as a child, plus the fact that I’ve never had what one might call “artistic skills”. (Whenever I made a big swing and a miss at an artistic endeavor, my mom would always sweetly say, “You have other talents.”)

So when my publisher asked if I wanted to blog about a new Bible study/coloring book, I resisted. What if it brought back all my childhood trauma of not being able to stay within the lines? What if my coloring was so bad that you all judged me and openly mocked me in the comment section of the blog? (These are real thoughts I have as I lie awake at night.)

But looking at Discovering Hope in the Psalms, three things made me change my mind:

1. My Bible study routine was feeling a little stale and I needed to kick it up. This seemed like a great way to mix it up.
2. One of the authors, Pam Farrell, is one of my favorite people on the planet. Getting to spend a little bit of time with her each morning is a good thing.
3. The title intrigued me: Discovering Hope in the Psalms. I’ll be honest with you – I was in desperate need of a little hope with some of the circumstances going on in my life.

So, I thought, “What could it hurt?” Plus, if my coloring was really so bad as to shame my family, I didn’t have to show you in the pictures I took.

Here’s what’s I love about this study:

1. While there are coloring elements, they are only a part of this amazing Bible study. (Whew!)
2. This is a legit Bible study, not just some pretty pages with a verse thrown in here or there. This goes deep, but in an accessible way. I’m getting to know the Psalms in a whole, new, fresh way, like never before. I’m loving it.
3. This whole study encourages you to explore God and the Psalms through the arts- not just coloring – but through spoken word, cooking and other creative pursuits.

If you are in a place in your life (and your quiet time) where you need to hear from God in a fresh way, I want to encourage you to change up your quiet time routine. Here are some ways Discovering Hope in the Psalms helped me:

• Breaking my quiet time routine by trying a new format for Bible study.
• Experience God in a fresh and new way.
• Get permission to be artistic. Experiencing God not just in his word, but throughout the day in artistic ways through song, art, cooking and reading helped expand my view of Him.
• Reading someone else’s story of struggle helps me understand God in my own struggle. The short stories in this book helped me see how the Psalms applied to Pam’s life and my own.


I’m going to give six of you a chance to go through this study for yourself. If you want to experience God in a new and fresh way, I encourage you to take a look at Discovering Hope in the Psalms. And for six of you, you will get the chance to go deeper! I have five copies to give away, plus, for one of my readers, I’m going to send you my entire quiet time kit including:

Discovering Hope in the Psalms
• This beautiful Study Bible for Women
• A set of colored pencils for exploring God through creativity
• My favorite cup for hot and cold drinks Hydro Flask
• My very favorite pen, the Uniball Air Micro
• An assortment of teas (to keep those creative juices flowing)

This post is sponsored by Harvest House Publishers, but all the views expressed are mine and only mine…

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