Since releasing my book Clutter Free three years ago, I have heard from hundreds of people whose lives have been changed and it absolutely thrills me every single time. Your stories of healing and breakthrough are inspiring and I want to share some of these stories with you. So every month we’ll highlight a couple of your stories. We’ll be highlighting different stories in the newsletter this year too so if you aren’t getting that in your email, sign up here. Our first story of the year is from one of our awesome Clutter Free Academy Facebook Group super members and encourager, Jenn Buell.


Have you ever had that one spot of clutter that gets under your skin but somehow you just can’t seem to tackle it? It may not take that much time but it doesn’t feel like there will be a huge payoff and it’ll take time you don’t think you have. So you hide. Yeah, that was me and my junk drawers. Yes, that’s right, I said “drawers” plural.

Over Christmas break, I had the motivation to take this odious clutter-catcher on. My kids were off school and my eldest was home from college. My eldest was even feeling helpful and suggesting the family do some decluttering. Seize the day!

So, one night as we sat down to dinner, I informed the kids that no one was leaving the table when we were done eating. We were going to sort the chaotic two drawers that hold pens, pencils, rulers, tape, scissors, and crayons. These two drawers were overflowing with these items and yet we often couldn’t find a working pen and tossed back in dried up markers or broken pencils.

Surprisingly, no one balked at the idea. We grabbed scrap paper to test pens and markers and dumped the offending drawers on the table. We tossed a grocery sack in the middle and everyone put broken crayons, dried up markers, and empty pens inside. We even made the call to toss nasty pencils—you know the cheap kind that won’t sharpen and break often. Why were we keeping them?! I’d say it was to be thrifty but they weren’t doing us any good and just took up space.

The final outcome was delightful. I’m going to get some pencil boxes to keep the markers and pens and pencils separate in the second drawer in the picture. My eldest kindly suggested this would be our benchmark about keeping anything new. If it doesn’t fit in the box, it doesn’t get kept. Love it!

So if you have a cluttered up drawer full of office supplies like this, why not put the whole family to work to fix the problem? I’d say it took no more than 30-45 minutes to get it done. (I’m guessing because we didn’t watch the time and no one complained. Win!)

I’m so glad that I have embraced Kathi’s encouragement to tackle clutter one small project at a time and to celebrate each #onesmallwin. Now, onto the next small win!


Friends, we’d love to hear your stories. Email us your successes along with your before and after photos to And join us at the nicest corner of the internet at Clutter Free Academy Private Facebook group.

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