About this time last year, I thought I was a Clutter Free queen. My house wasn’t what I would call “Pinterest Perfect,” but it worked for our family and we didn’t mind drop-in visitors. Then I was asked to lead the Lenten Clutter Free Bible Study through a private members-only Facebook group. The study walks participants through what Jesus has to say about our stuff. It digs deep. Many of us find our Clutter Free journey like peeling back layers of an onion – there is always more that lies beneath. I went into the bible study thinking I would get a handle on some cluttered corners in our home. Instead, I spent six weeks decluttering my head and heart.

I discovered fears I didn’t know I had – fears of poverty, scarcity and of losing control. Fears that my husband would consider me spoiled or wasteful. No matter how often I decluttered my pantry, it would inevitably reach a point where it was bursting at the seams yet again. Why? Because I was terrified that something would happen, and we’d have no money for food. I would stockpile food, even food we didn’t like, without realizing it. I had clothes that were neither my taste nor my style cluttering my closet because I feared letting them go. If someone offered to give me something, I felt obligated to say yes. Who was I to think I was too good for someone else’s generosity – even if it was the product of their own decluttering?

By the end of the six-week study, other than the closet, my house didn’t look much different. I, on the other hand, had changed completely. I learned to trust God to provide what I needed when I needed it. I was able to joyfully release the canned sardines that had been sitting in the pantry for years, as well as the ill-fitting clothing from my closet.  I also learned to trust God to provide for my stuff. I stopped worrying about what could or would happen to the things I released. I no longer fret over which charity is most deserving of my donations or feel obligated to sell belongings to recoup costs. I just focus on releasing that which no longer brings me joy, and I trust God to sort it out according to His plan.

The study changed our online group as well. It didn’t take long for us to realize that the work of Clutter Free was bigger than just six weeks. We needed a 24/7 year-round support system for those continuing their Clutter Free journey and for those who were just beginning. Now known as Clutter Free Academy, our group is a thriving community of 3,800 members who all grapple with Clutter in our heads, hearts and homes. We say we’re the kindest corner of the internet because we are all about support and encouragement without judgment or shame.

Are you ready to find out what Jesus says about your stuff? We’re walking through the Clutter Free Bible Study once again. Launching on February 14, the study includes videos, resource downloads and the 24/7 year-round support of the Clutter Free Academy Facebook group. Join as we dig deeper together to explore why we acquire what we don’t need, keep hold of stuff we don’t use or love, and how all of that makes us feel.

To be a part of the study club, get access to our online videos and booklet for just $14.99 (regularly $25!) between now and February 14, 2018 with coupon code: CFBSFEB18. Click here for lifetime access to the study and join our private Facebook group for daily encouragement from Kathi and Tonya for Lent this year.


Tonya Kubo is the illustrious, fearless leader of Kathi Lipp’s Clutter-Free Academy Facebook group. She and her husband, Brian, are raising two spirited girls in the agricultural heart of California. She writes about fighting the demons of comparison, clutter and compulsion on www.tonyakubo.com.

Facebook link: https://www.facebook.com/AuthorTonyaKubo/


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