Can you actually have a cute and cozy home without having clutter pile up on shelves, furniture and countertops? We wanted to know- can you decorate and be clutter free?

Kathi invited KariAnne Wood, author of DIY Home Planner to the podcast this week because she is a woman that gets it. She’s an expert on making a cozy home without causing us clutter gals to go into complete overwhelmed mode. From helpful tips on where to start, to the best places in your home to make the greatest impact, all without the clutter, KariAnne brings her best ideas to our listeners.

This is one of the most fun podcasts we have ever done and it is rich of great ideas on how we can decorate our homes to make it the place we want to be without adding stress to our lives.


WIN a copy of DIY Home!

Comment below and tell us what your biggest decorating challenge is because of clutter? Comment and three people will win a copy DIY Home Planner by our guest KariAnne Woods. Join us on Facebook Live on March 28 and your question could be featured! Can’t wait for it? Buy it today!




Quizzes to take from KariAnne:

Are you a pattern pro?

What kind of window treatment does your room desperately need?

Are you a design expert?

What type of flooring fits best?


30-Day Challenge with KariAnne

Are you ready to take the 30-Day challenge with KariAnne? We’ll be joining together over at the Clutter Free Academy Group to start the challenge on April 1. Join us for FB Live on March 28 (check out Facebook for announcements on time) to go through more details. Sign up now at

Meet Our Guest

KariAnne Wood

KariAnne Wood

KariAnne Wood writes the award-winning lifestyle blog Thistlewood Farms, a tiny corner of the internet where all her stories and DIYs hang out and drink sweet tea. She also writes, photographs, and styles for several national magazines including Better Homes and Gardens Christmas Ideas, Country Women, and Flea Market Décor.

Find out more at KariAnne’s’s website:

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