Do you long for a clutter free life – but your best efforts are derailed by the grind of the day to day?

You poured blood, sweat – and yes, tears – into whipping your home into shape. Your space feels inviting again. Calm. Peaceful. Uncluttered.

For a moment, you realize this is how you are meant to live. You and your family deserve a space that serves you. That welcomes you, comforts you, and literally provides the space you need to live out your very best life.

But the moment is just that – a moment.

Because in the next moment, someone walks through the door and lays down their things in the entryway. After flinging their coat over the living room chair, they unceremoniously plop a large pile of mail on your freshly cleaned counter.

The next day, you rush out of the house to meet a deadline, regretfully leaving a trail of misplaced things in your wake. I’ll get to that as soon as I get home, you think. Except when you get home, you’re just too tired from the day.

And so it continues. Clutter begins slowly but surely taking over your space. And your once peaceful home now looks crowded. Simply walking into a room feels defeating. You know how much effort it’s going to take to wrangle it back into shape. And you just don’t have the time. Or the energy.

But what if it didn’t have to come to this? What if there were a solution that made staying on top of clutter less daunting?

Introducing Clutter Free for Life – your daily plan to kick clutter to the curb and keep it out once and for all.

Around here, we know clearing clutter is never one and done. It requires a consistent daily plan because clutter is always fighting to make its way back into your home. This is why Clutter Free Academy is launching a new program – Clutter Free for Life.

Clutter Free for Life is not just a program. It’s a new way of life. We have a team ready and willing to teach you daily practices, so you can have a clutter-free home and clutter-free life. We will hold your hand and roll up our sleeves to walk through this Clutter Free life with you. No matter what your house looks like right now or how busy you are, we have the practical steps to get you to where you want to be.

This is the closest you can get to having Kathi move in with you. Clutter Free for Life provides resources and a practical action plan for how to systematically declutter your home through small daily habits.

If you’re ready to be Clutter Free for Life, this program is for you. Every month, you’ll get a daily action plan that maps out the daily and weekly habits you need to master to keep clutter at bay. You’ll also get a journal to help you track your progress and set your personal Clutter Free goals. In our private members-only Facebook group, you’ll get day-to-day support to keep you on pace. You’ll also get monthly group coaching calls with Kathi, early access to all Clutter Free Academy offers and access to our Clutter Free Academy team to support you along the way.

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It’s time to kick clutter to the curb once and for all.

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