On today’s episode Kathi welcomes friend and author Lyneta Smith, to talk about her new book Curtain Call: A Memoir. Kathi chats with Lyneta about her journey of dealing with emotional clutter from a traumatic childhood and how physical clutter can often be used to hide our emotional wounds.

On today’s show you’ll learn:

  • Why physical clutter can often be a sign that all is not well
  • How clutter can serve as self-protection
  • Why de-cluttering can be the first step of healing

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Meet Our Guest

Lyneta Smith

Lyneta Smith

Lyneta Smith is a writer and speaker whose life mission is to point people to the goodness of God. She is the author of Curtain Call, recipient of the 2017 Best Nonfiction Foundation Award. She and her husband live near Nashville, TN. Learn more

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