“Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble,
whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely,
whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things.”
Philippians 4:8 (NIV)

How does the most important person in your life go from being your focus to your “Well, if there’s enough time…,”?

If I treated my marriage that way, I would be in a world of hurt. But if I’m honest, that’s how I’ve treated Jesus at many points in my life. I can hang out with you when I have more time.

It’s funny – I never have a problem finding time to hang out with my husband or my best friend, even when it’s a crazy busy day. It may just be a quick dinner or even a quick chat on the phone, but I can always make time for those I love.

Plus, I’m thinking about them throughout the day. When I see a video Cheri would like or read an article I know my husband Roger would appreciate , I send it to them because I’m thinking about them.

So why was I so bad about hanging out with God?

After some analysis of what was holding me back, I realized it wasn’t Jesus I was resisting, it was the long list of rules I had set up for myself to make sure that my time with him “counted.”

You see, my time only counted when:

• I spent time in gratitude
• I spent time in prayer for other people
• I spent time in adoration
• I spent time listening
• I spent time in confession
• I spent time reading God’s word
• I spent time meditating on God’s word
• I spent time in silence
• I spent time in worship

Thinking on all the requirements I made for myself, it is no wonder I was skipping my time with God. If my husband had a list of demands like that, I would want to spend less and less time with him.

But here’s the thing – God did not come up with that list of demands. God has issued me a series of invitations.

To spend time with Him.

To talk with Him throughout my day.

To lay my burdens at His feet.

To ask Him to advocate for those I love.

Where did I ever get the idea that all of that was a requirement, every single time we met?

I’ve realized that my time with God isn’t an appointment to be kept – it’s a relationship to be developed.

That is why I’ve decided to keep my expectations small when it comes to my morning quite time. I’m “touching base” in the morning and inviting God into the rest of my day, into relationship.
One of the ways I am currently spending my morning time is by reflecting on one passage of scripture. The book Just One Word by Susie Crosby is a devotional that has one, focused word and verse for each day. It is so easy to carry that one word through my day, and like Philippians 4:8 says, “think on such things.”

I love that it is just one word, and one verse, to focus on throughout the day. And it’s amazing (or a God-thing, more likely) that each word somehow finds its way weaved throughout my day.
Are you overwhelmed by your to-do list when it comes to your relationship with God? Wipe out the requirements and lean into relationship.

One Word Can Inspire Unending Gratitude

There is power in words–the words we read and the words we speak. Power to build and power to destroy. One word—just one—is all it takes to turn a day around. Just one word is all it takes to set your mind on the never-ending power of God’s work in your life.

In these delightful meditations, Susie Crosby draws out one unexpected word from a daily Scripture verse—words like “steep,” “roomy,” and “multiply.” As she explores each theme, she shows you a mighty God who is there for you, who calls you to live, and who you can invite into your day with just one word.

Here you will find a simple and heartfelt recipe for keeping your eyes on Jesus throughout your week. Uncover a wealth of spiritual insight in just one word!


Stop by and get to know Susie and her heart for women who long to know God.

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Today, be gentle with yourself and your list of requirements to get it “right” in your relationship with God. Focus on one word, one verse, and one act of worship. Ask God to keep the conversation going during the day and be open to hearing His voice.

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