On today’s episode of the podcast, Kathi is joined by Tonya Kubo, the fearless leader of Kathi Lipp’s Clutter-Free Academy Facebook group. In part 2, Tonya and Kathi conclude the conversation about the things Tonya learned about living clutter free after spending a week living with Kathi.

On today’s show you’ll learn:

  • The tools that help keep Kathi focused
  • The value of knowing your routines
  • The key to going from frantic to focused

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Meet Our Guest

Tonya Kubo

Tonya Kubo

Tonya Kubo is the illustrious, fearless leader of Kathi Lipp’s Clutter-Free Academy Facebook group. A speaker and writer, Tonya makes her home in the heart of California with her husband, Brian, their two spirited daughters and one very tolerant cat. Visit her at www.GreatMoms.org.

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