Have you ever considered that clutter can extend the boundary of our home, it can also fill up our minds? If so, you will enjoy today’s interview with author and adventure enthusiast, Laurie Kehler.

In her newly released book, This Outside Life, Laurie shares with us the value, emotionally as well as physically, of getting outside.

Laurie shares with us some valuable insights such as:

  • Why being like a chipmunk creates a “Sense of Lack” that ends up filling our minds, our lives, and even our closets with things we think we might need in the future, but in reality is holding us back from living the peace filled life we crave.
  • How to create sanctuary right outside your own front door.
  • What research studies are finding about the need to spend at least 20 – 30 minutes out of the house or office.

I am thrilled to have Laurie on today’s show-so lace up those walking shoes and let’s jump in.

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Meet Our Guest

Laurie Kehler

Laurie Kehler

Laurie Kehler is a speaker, host of the podcast, “This Outside Life”, and the author of 4 books. Her latest book is This Outside Life: Finding God in the Heart of Nature. Through storytelling, practical application, and reflective questions, Laurie invites you outside on a journey of discovery and delight. To connect with Laurie and get the free downloadables designed just for our Clutter-Free Community, check out http://www.lauriekehler.com/clutterfree.

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