Do you ever feel the sting of comparison? Today, you will hear how comparison gets us to a place of clutter.

And friend, you are not alone! Wendy Pope, the author of the brand-new book, “Hidden Potential: Revealing What God Can Do Through You” talks about how comparison caused clutter in her home. She shares her struggles with comparison and the other effects it had in her family.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How comparison can lead us to clutter.
  • What God says about who we are.
  • The way to true acceptance of who we are.

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Hidden Potential: Revealing What God Can Do Through You by Wendy Pope

Wendy Pope

Cheri Gregory

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Meet Our Guest

Wendy Pope

Wendy Pope

I am Wendy Barnette Pope. In 1991, I married the man of my dreams, Scott. Together, with the Lord’s help, we are raising two amazing children.

I am a woman who loves home, work, and ministry however many times falls short of finding a happy balance. The Lord blessed me through the early years of motherhood to be at home with my children and then later called me into ministry. My life, as chaotic as it might get sometimes, is fulfillment of scripture. The Lord has truly blessed me far more than I could have dreamed or imagined. There are days I feel the need to pinch myself, not because I have material wealth or success as defined by the world but because God, the Creator of heaven and earth allows me to be an active part of His story. It is the passion of my life to live Christ out loud in everything I say and do. He is so good and so faithful to His creation that I simply must proclaim His greatness.

I am honored by your visit. I trust as you visit this site you will be encouraged in the Lord. I love being part of the sisterhood of Christ. Being sisters in Christ means that even though we may not know each other personally, our hearts are joined together. We can share our joys and trials with each other with an understanding that the other knows exactly how the other feels. Isn’t God cool to make us like this?

Please leave a comment to let me know of your visit, especially if I have met you at a conference I taught.

I pray you become passionately involved in God’s story. He has a role perfect for you.

Find out more about Wendy HERE. 

Clutter Free Academy Team
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