Kathi is continuing this four-part series with her very special guest, who she had to use all of her powers of persuasion to convince to join her, her betrothed, Roger Lipp. Tonya Kubo, leader of the Clutter Free Academy Facebook Group, helped us with the first two parts of Kathi’s favorite WWII quote in Use It Up and Wear It Out, and now Roger is here to help with the third part, Make Do. So, how do we make do in an era of being so heavily advertised to, one in which we get held hostage by our own wants and desires? Listen in as we discover practical tips on how to answer these questions on making do:

  • Lower Our Expectations?
  • How Can I Not Spend Money on This?
  • What Do We Already Have?


Ready For Anything

Bad stuff happens all the time, but this doesn’t mean we have to live in constant fear.

Ready for Anything: Preparing Your Heart and Home for Any Crisis Big or Small gives finite simple steps for being proactive rather than reactive—helping you prepare your mind, heart, and home for any unfortunate circumstance. Full of stories and humor along with facts, tips, and lists, Kathi’s book offers a down-to-earth guide that will show you how to face the unexpected with confidence, relying on God’s strength and plan rather than giving in to fear and anxiety.

Her step-by-step plan is easy to implement and will help anyone become a better steward of their resources as well as be the neighbor who can help in a crisis rather than needing help. Kathi’s goal is to equip readers to be the frontline of helpers in any crisis, from a natural disaster to a friend’s job loss.

Order your copy of Ready For Anything today.


Tonya Kubo

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Meet Our Guest

Roger Lipp

Roger Lipp

Roger is a productivity and quality engineer for a Fortune 50 company.

Roger helps teams reach their full productivity potential by teaching them practical and simple steps to reach their goals. Roger and his wife, author Kathi Lipp, teach communicators how to share their message through social media and email marketing.

He and Kathi coauthored Happy Habits for Every Couple with Harvest House Publishers.


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