435: Roomba Ready and Creating Confidence  

Today Kathi is talking with Alli Worthington, author of Standing Strong: A Woman’s Guide to Overcoming Adversity and Living with Confidence, about gaining confidence and roombas and clutter. In our clutter free journey, many times the lack of confidence in decision-making and self-doubt holds us back from moving forward. Join Kathi and Alli to hear how to:


  • Grow in confidence to hear God’s voice
  • Grow in confidence to trust ourselves
  • Grow in confidence to tell yourself the right story

Standing Strong: A Women’s Guide to Overcoming Adversity and Living With Confidence


For the woman who longs to break free from what holds her back, bestselling author Alli Worthington offers a no-nonsense, guilt-free guide to take back your life from self-doubt.


In Standing Strong, Alli comes alongside as your guide as you:


 • Eliminate, once and for all, the lies that keep you from being who God made you to be.

 • Become an unbreakable woman who finds her strength from God for any adversity.

• Gain strategies for tackling the obstacles of self-doubt, fear, and insecurity.

• Find the confidence to say yes and amen to God’s call on your life.

You are stronger than you think, and you are worth more than you could ever imagine.

So, let go of the guilt, shake off the shame, and fend off your fears as you fight with your faith.


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What is something you’ve done since COVID that has helped you build your confidence or share something you plan to do that will build your confidence? 

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Meet Our Guest 


Alli Worthington

Alli Worthington is known for her straight-talking encouragement and practical tools that help women reach their dreams in business and life. She’s a business coach and co-founder of Called Creatives, where she coaches writers and speakers.
Author of the new book Standing Strong, Alli is a well-known speaker and host of the popular podcast, The Alli Worthington Show. Alli lives with her husband, Mark, and their five sons outside of Nashville with the only golden retriever who refuses to retrieve.

Connect with her at:  



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