445: Ugh! How Do I Keep My Car Clean?

Questions with Kelly and Kathi

Kathi is back for another one of her favorite segments, questions with Kelly and Kathi. This time they’re talking about how to keep our cars clean and clutter free. Thankfully, they aren’t talking about dedicating a Saturday to this task. Instead, they offer practical ways that can easily fit into our lifestyle. Listen in to learn about the four ways that helped Kathi keep her car clean even with kids and teens:

  • Minimize things allowed in your car and have a system for getting things out of it
  • Have trash bags in the car
  • Use your gas station stops
  • Kick it back into play


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Kelly Wilbanks

Kelly Wilbanks lives with her husband and three young daughters in Eastern Washington. On any given day there is either a DIY project, gardening venture, or little mermaids in the hot tub. After overcoming several difficult obstacles in her life, Kelly has come to see anger as a super-power. She wants to help women wisely weaponize their passion to overcome any obstacle in their way. You will find stories of her mistakes and occasional triumphs on her Facebook page “Inspired Resourcefulness” or her website www.kellywilbanks.com.

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