471: The Essentials of Essential Oils

with Author Dawn Camp

Have you often wondered about all the amazing benefits of essential oils but found it overwhelming to understand all the different facets? Join Kathi and her new friend, Dawn Camp, as they simplify the whole thing and give us the essentials of essential oils. Dawn is the author of It All Began in the Garden and My Essential Oil Companion. As we declutter each room and give it a purpose, we can also give that room a signature scent. Listen in to learn more about “scent-sitising” our decluttered spaces and all things essential oils including:

  • The essence of shrubs and plants
  • The importance of scent associations
  • Discover what the Swiss Army Knife of essential oils is
  • Learn how to make the allergy bomb


My Essential Oil Companion

Expand your knowledge and know-how of 50 different essential oils and go deeper with journaling questions, tips, tricks, and testimonials, plus plenty of space for recording notes.

If you currently use essential oils or are curious about them and would like to learn more about their many benefits, oil expert Dawn Camp would love to share what she’s learned with you.

Dawn has designed this unique journal to appeal to novices and seasoned oil users alike. Find new uses for popular favorites, including lavender, peppermint, and eucalyptus, and encounter many lesser-known oils along the way. You will also learn how to safely and correctly use each oil.

In addition to journaling, encounter dozens of new diffuser and roller blends, and DIYs for making lotions, balms, and scrubs. Let this book be your essential guide to getting the most out of the oils you enjoy.   



Giveaway: You could win a copy of both It All Began in the Garden and My Essential Oil Companion. Plus, one winner will also receive the Swiss Army Knife of essential oils. For a chance to win, answer this question in the comments below:

If you are new to essential oils: What is the smell you love the most? If you are experienced with essential oils: What is your favorite go-to essential oil recipe?  

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Meet Our Guest 


Dawn Camp

Dawn Camp shares God’s gift of essential oils in her newest releases My Essential Oil Companion and It All Began in a Garden. She is a photographer, essential oil slinger, Mom to eight and Mimi to five. Dawn enjoys movie nights with her husband and steaming cups of Earl Grey.

 You can connect with her on her website, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. 


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