Decluttering with Kathi and How to Help a Friend Who is in a Hard Place 

 with Special Guest Rachel Lewis 

Join Kathi as she and author Rachel Lewis as they discuss her new book Unexpected. Learn new ways to support those you love who have found themselves in Unexpected places.

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Meet Our Guest 

Rachel Lewis

Rachel Lewis is an adoptive, foster, and biological mom and lives with her family in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. She experienced five pregnancy losses and writes about them on her blog, The Lewis Note. She is the founder of the online support group Brave Mamas and the author of Unexpecting: Real Talk on Pregnancy Loss.

For more from Rachel, connect with her on Facebook and Instagram.

Unexpecting: Real Talk on Pregnancy Loss 

Unexpecting is a comprehensive resource explaining what to expect from your body, heart, mind and soul following the death of your baby during pregnancy or after birth. What you need during this time is not a book offering easy answers. You need a safe place to help you navigate what comes next, such as:

· Coping with a postpartum body without a baby in your arms.
· Facing social isolation and grief invalidation.
· Wrestling with faith when you feel let down by God.



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