Declutter with Kathi and Susy Flory 

Leaving Behind Words as a Legacy, Not Things

Join me on Declutter with Kathi and my guest Susy Flory. We are going to talk about Leaving Behind Words as a Legacy, Not Things.

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Meet Our Guest 

Susy Flory

Susy Flory is a New York Times bestselling author and co-author of fourteen books. She directs West Coast Christian Writers, and is pursuing a doctorate in New Testament Studies at Northern Seminary.

A graduate of UCLA, she has a background in journalism, education, and communications. She is the founder of Everything Memoir with Susy Flory, and is working on her master’s degree in New Testament from Northern Seminary.
A breast cancer survivor, Susy celebrates life by chasing great
stories in places like Cuba, Haiti, Turkey, Israel, and her own backyard.

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