Decluttering with Kathi   

 while Discovering Sweet Like Jasmine with Special Guest Bonnie Gray 

Sometimes dealing with our clutter is difficult because it asks us to look into our past.

My guest this week on Declutter with Kathi is author & podcaster, Bonnie Gray . Bonnie knows all about how difficult it can be to look into the past, but she has also experienced personal growth by working through some of the ways her past affects her present. Join me & Bonnie as we discuss and declutter. 

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Meet Our Guest 

Patricia Raybon

Bonnie Gray is the author of Whispers of Rest, Finding Spiritual Whitespace and Sweet Like Jasmine. An inspirational speaker and podcast host of Breathe: The Stress Less Podcast, Bonnie touches thousands of lives using storytelling, soul care, and prayer.

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Sweet Like Jasmine 

Growing up as a Chinese American daughter of a mail-order bride and a busboy working in San Francisco Chinatown, Bonnie Gray had never truly felt beautiful or beloved. She had built her life to look pleasant and ordinary, with a wonderful husband, two amazing boys, and a thriving career. But despite these blessings, she still felt the tugging emptiness of a missing piece.

At 39, a long-forgotten birth certificate in an old file cabinet sparked a curiosity Bonnie couldn’t ignore. Determined to uncover family secrets and understand the home she was born into, Bonnie embarked on a journey that would leave her forever changed. Returning to the culture, places, and stories that shaped her, her search led her to soul-shaking discoveries about her identity, human kindness, and what it truly means to be loved.

Sweet Like Jasmine is a profoundly moving account of how God uses our unique and broken stories to create a beautiful mosaic of His love, one life at a time.

  • Feel seen and valued, because you are worthy of loving, resting in God’s love for you.
  • See the grace woven in each chapter of your life and embrace the wholeness of who you are.
  • Learn to listen deeply to your life and feel empowered in your true worth.
  • Find freedom, hope, and healing in rewriting your stories with faith.
  • Through powerful truths and insightful reflection prompts, find beauty out of brokenness and belonging out of loneliness.




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