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The Abundant Place



An abundance of stuff brings stress and chaos, but an abundance of Jesus brings peace and perspective.

This week on Decluttering with Kathi, I’ll be sharing more about my new book, “An Abundant Place.” I hope you will spend a few minutes with me as together we clear space in our homes and our hearts.

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Meet The Co-Author

Cheri Gregory

 This is your invitation…


…to quiet your heart and mind

…to focus on God and His Word

…to create a spacious place for yourself

…to refresh your soul

…to experience greater peace and joy

Each devotion includes spiritual insight from authors Kathi Lipp and Cheri Gregory, helpful prompts that encourage reflection and growth, and room for you to write down what God is teaching you.

Let each of these devotional mini-retreats provide a momentary refuge from your busy world and take you to a more abundant place.





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