534: Clean Out That Car

Do you struggle to keep your car clean? Have you tried certain techniques only to have them not work? Between errands, kids’ activities, and appointments, sometimes it seems like keeping clutter out of the car is impossible. Join Kathi as she talks with Mary Carver, author and podcaster, about how to keep your car clean. Today, they are sharing the top 10 tips that they use and love, including:

  • Keeping a trash can in the car
  • Tidying the car when they get gas
  • Using a little box to contain important items

Listen in and learn how you, too, can keep a clean and tidy car.

Prayers from the Parking Lot: 50 Short Reflections for Moms on the Go


Raise your hand if you’ve ever hidden in your car. Just for a moment, just long enough to catch your breath. You’re not alone! Moms everywhere are sitting on park benches and bleachers, in minivans and bus stops, at the baseball field, the dance studio, or in line at the grocery store. And we are exhausted.

Moms don’t need more information, instructions, expectations, or responsibilities. Instead, you need something to put your mind and heart at ease. You need a reminder that everything you’re anxious about is in God’s hands. And you need it in small doses you can fit into your schedule–even if that means a few stolen minutes in the car!

Prayers from the Parking Lot meets you where you are–overscheduled and overwhelmed. Perfect for reading while you’re on the go, these to-the-point devotions and prayers are topically arranged so you can go straight to the issue you’re facing right now. If you’re looking for understanding and encouragement as you navigate your busy days, this little book will yield big results.

Giveaway: Want a chance to win Mary’s book, Prayers from the Parking Lot: 50 Short Reflections for Moms on the Go? To be entered into the giveaway, leave a comment and tell us:

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Meet Our Guest 


Mary Carver

Mary Carver is a writer, speaker, and recovering perfectionist. She lives for good books, spicy queso, and television marathons, but she lives because of God’s grace. Mary writes with humor and honesty about giving up on perfect and finding truth in unexpected places on her blog, MaryCarver.com. She is also a regular contributor to incourage.me, and MomAdvice.com. Mary and her husband live in Kansas City with their two daughters.



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