537: Come Sit With Me

with Becky Keife

Do you dread having hard conversations? Or try to avoid them altogether? Hard conversations are a part of every relationship if we are in it for the long haul. It’s easy to fill in the gaps with our assumptions. What if we learned how to navigate these conversations in a way that makes every relationship stronger and better? Come and sit with Kathi and Becky Keife to learn how to have hard, but healthy conversations, and how to prepare your heart and mind for them by:


  • Coming to the table with curiosity 
  • Asking for a heart of tenderness 
  • Coming to an understanding 

Come Sit with Me:

How to Delight in Differences,

Love through Disagreements,

and Live with Discomfort

Being human is hard. Being in relationships with other humans is even harder. People are complex and relationships are messy but loving one another well is possible. Whether navigating political or religious differences, dealing with toxic people or our own unforgiveness, this book tackles the struggles no one really wants to talk about. But there is hope! We can actually grow closer to God and others through the circumstances we’d rather run from.


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What is one thing you are going to do to create an inviting atmosphere for a hard conversation? 

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Meet Our Guest 


Becky Keife

Becky Keife is the community manager for (in)courage, a beloved speaker, and the author of The Simple Difference: How Every Small Kindness Makes a Big Impact, the Courageous Kindness Bible Study, as well as No Better Mom for the Job. She and her husband live near Los Angeles, where they enjoy hiking shady trails with their three spirited sons. Connect with Becky on Instagram @beckykeife or at beckykeife.com
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