547: Why I Don’t Eat Green Bananas Anymore?

What do eating green bananas and decluttering have in common? More than one would think! Join Kathi Lipp and writer, educator, and fellow recovering green banana eater Amy Betters-Midtvedt as they laugh and discuss their way through topics such as:

  • How to figure out what we like and not settle all the time.
  • How to not get stuck in a poverty mindset.
  • Why it’s okay to order an ice cream sundae just for yourself!

And as promised by Kathi in the episode, here’s a copy of Amy’s Green Banana Article for your enjoyment and edification.

There was a time I just ate bananas.
Like any banana. I’d buy them put them in my lunch and eat them. Green, light green, yellow, brown I didn’t pay much attention.
Then one day I was driving to my awesome college job at Gap kids, and I took a bite of my greenish banana.
I realized it wasn’t good.
As a matter of fact every time I ate a greenish banana I didn’t really like it.
Suddenly I realized I didn’t like green bananas. And I didn’t have to eat any banana I didn’t like.
I was a legit grown up I could pick the color of bananas I would eat.
I rolled down my window and SPIT OUT the gross banana in my mouth and to this day I’ve never eaten a banana with a grace of green.
Life is too short for green bananas.
This life lesson has served me well in a million areas of my life.
With friendships, jobs, picking out jeans and how I spend my time on a Saturday. The applications are endless.
Tonight I share this lesson with you.
You don’t have to eat green bananas either my friends.
Only eat bananas you really enjoy.
Pass it on.

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What kind of ice cream sundae would you order for yourself when decluttering?

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Amy Betters-Midtvedt is a writer, educator and mom of 5. Her passions include piling on the couch with her family to binge watch the Office, buying all the books she possibly can, trying to finish a conversation with her husband without being interrupted and writing to help people find the joy in their everyday lives.

You can connect with Amy at amybettersmidtvedt.com. 

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