563: How to Declutter A Lot – FAST – Part 3

Do you feel life circumstances change so quickly that it’s a struggle to keep your spaces clutter free? Kathi and her husband, declutter buddy, and cohost Roger Lipp are with us today sharing the last three tips in their Top 10 Ways of Getting Clutter Free podcast series. If you haven’t listened to Parts 1 (listen here) and 2 (listen here) of this series, put those in your queue!
In today’s Part 3 they discuss:

  • How to curate your items (“Curate” is Kathi’s new favorite word! )
  • Organizing activity supplies into separate tubs
  • Using a spreadsheet to keep an inventory

In this episode, Kathi mentions her tub for Art Activities. Below are some photos of the finished project. So adorable!


Did you know: Roger is a collector of certain Disney shirts. Disney memorabilia is officially called Disneyana.

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Meet Our Guest 


Roger Lipp

Roger is a productivity and quality engineer for a Fortune 50 company.

Roger helps teams reach their full productivity potential by teaching them the practical and simple steps to reach their goals. Roger and his wife, author Kathi Lipp, teach communicators how to share their message through social media and email marketing.

He and Kathi coauthored Happy Habits for Every Couple: 21 Days to a Better Relationship.

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