577: How to Thrive When Your Life is Just too Overwhelming with Author Jennifer Cowart

What happens to your time when you have a rare moment, and nothing is scheduled on the calendar? Does it immediately get full of all the things that aren’t on your to-do list, but could be? Jen Cowart, a pastor, Bible teacher, and author, recently experienced a season with extra margin, and she chose to be intentional with her time instead of letting others fill up her calendar. (Can you even imagine?)

In today’s episode, Kathi and Jen discuss how to thrive when your life is just too overwhelming. They talk about:

  • How seasons play a role in our schedule
  • What a “win” looks like
  • Specific times that MUST be carved out
  • What to prepare for in order to thrive
  • The schedule considerations that matter most

Want to dig deeper? If so, check out Jen’s new Thrive Women’s Bible Study. You can download a free discussion guide for the first two lessons in the Thrive Participant Workbook here.

Jen has two copies of the Thrive Bible Study to give away to Kathi’s listeners. For your chance to win, answer this question in the comments: What area of your life would you really like to get practical about creating margin in? 

You are meant to thrive. You may need to get still before the Lord and do a little work, and that work may be to embrace who He created you to be. 

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Thrive Women’s Bible Study: Living Faithfully in Difficult Times

Walking in Faith…even when times are tough.

In Thrive, author and teacher Jen Cowart helps women develop the habits and attitudes necessary to thrive, whatever their circumstances. Leading readers through the Book of James, a letter written about enduring hardships, she lifts up six characteristics of mature Christians. From endurance and humility to controlling our words, Jen helps participants find the divine and the practical in living faithfully.

Jen’s teaching has inspired thousands of women across the country. Her authenticity inspires others to open their hearts and minds. One reviewer wrote, “Her ‘realness’ and her vulnerability just work together to open your heart to dig deeper and deeper.”

Components for this six-week small group study include the book, leader guide, and DVD.

Learn more about the Thrive Women’s Bible Study here.

For your chance to win a copy of the Thrive Women’s Bible Study, answer this question in the comments: What area of your life would you really like to get practical about creating margin in? 

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Meet Our Guest 


Jennifer Cowart

Jennifer Cowart is the Executive and Teaching pastor of Harvest Church. Jen is a gifted Bible teacher and speaker and the author of four women’s Bible studies, Thrive, Pursued, Fierce, and Messy People, and several studies co-authored with her husband, Jim. She and Jim love doing life with their kids.

You can connect with Jen through Facebook, email or on her website.

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