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Thanks so much for stopping by! I know that even while we strive to keep our website as Clutter Free as possible, there is still a ton of information here. So in order for you not to get overwhelmed, I put together this starters guide to help you dive right in and change your life!




Want to get started decluttering right away?

  1. The 3 Question To Ask as You Declutter As you are starting to declutter, you will get stuck within the first ten items you try to get rid of if you are not constantly asking yourself these 3 questions
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  3. How to Declutter Your House Fast This is the guide to the one key tool you will need to use the Clutter Free system.
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  5. Why You Might want to Get Rid of Half Your Stuff If you’re already on the path to Clutter Free, and are ready to amp it up, here is a challenge for some of the problem areas in your home: Get rid of half of it!
  6. Have Just a Few Minutes? Declutter Something! Often we are looking for big chunks of time to get Clutter Free in your home. Here is a list of the moments in the midst of your day that you can make huge process.
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Our Goal to Help You

My life is a testimony to the fact that when you have less clutter you have more life. I want you to experience the freedom living Clutter Free so you can do what God has designed you to do!

What You’ll Find at Kathi Lipp’s Clutter Free Academy

  • Blog Posts: We love to encourage and challenge our readers to make real changes in their lives. Our posts are a constant source of encouragement.
  • Podcasts: Every Tuesday, I host a podcast called Clutter Free Academy where we talk about all things Clutter Free and how to incorporate those principles into your life.
  • How To’s: We don’t want to just encourage you, we give you the practical step by step instructions to make Clutter Free a reality.


What People are Saying

 “What a lifesaver (and home saver, marriage saver, sanity saver, etc.) and a permanent mindset changer! A powerful tool with step by step instructions on how to clear clutter, reset our way of handling and valuing items in our home, and get to the root of why we clutter so that we can keep it from accumulating again.”

– Christie MCKay, Amazon Review

What People are Saying

“This book has changed how we shop and think in our home. When shopping I stop and ask if it’s something that is really worth my time, money and energy… Reading this has helped get to the root of why we had clutter and how to battle it.”

– L. Wilson, Amazon Review

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