Hot Mama: 12 Secrets to a Sizzling Hot Marriage 

LippMacPherson_HotMama_alt3D2If you ask the average woman how much sizzle there is in her marriage, she’ll probably answer, “Not enough!”

Being a mom is overwhelming, and it’s easy for moms to slip into the habit of allowing responsibilities for kids, work, and church to interfere with their relationship with their husbands. They don’t have the energy or the ideas they need to have a spicy, satisfying sex life. Hot Mama to the rescue!

Kathi Lipp and Erin MacPherson set out on a mission to find out what it takes for busy moms to feel confident and sexy. In this witty book, they share hilarious stories and creative ideas from moms all over the country that will help readers:

  • Creative ideas that will help you build a happy, healthy, and fun relationship with your spouse
  • How to build confidence and banish guilt
  • How and why to flirt (remember that?)
  • Why wearing clothes that make you–and him– feel sexy makes a world of difference

Kathi and Erin offer women all the encouragement, motivation, and know-how they need to take their sex lives from ho-hum to hot.

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