Book Giveaway – Letting God Meet Your Emotional Needs

Book Giveaway – Letting God Meet Your Emotional Needs

Several weeks ago, when I was speaking in Southern California, I got the chance to spend the afternoon with bestselling author Cindi McMenamin.

I had read several of Cindi’s books before, but I had a built in prejudice about her. You see, Cindi and I had been in the running for speaking at the same retreat. And the retreat committee chose Cindi. OH did I mention that it was at my own church? Bitter – party of one.

Sadly, I had to get over my lingering resentment as Cindi is a very, very cool chick. (Drat.)

She not only is a talented writer, but she wrote of an subject that is close to my heart: Are you expecting others – especially the men in your life, to meet the needs that only God should be meeting? Here is a description of the book:

Are You Ready to Experience True Love?

Do you long to have your emotional needs met, yet find that your husband or those close to you cannot always bring fulfillment to your life? Through the pages of this book, Cindi helps you take your emotional expectations off of the people in your life and leave them with the Lord resulting in a new you and more harmonious relationships. Through this book, let Cindi enable you to:

  • experience unconditional love knowing God is your constant companion
  • enjoy the closeness of expectation-free friendships
  • move your marriage from surviving to thriving

Cindi continues to be cool since she is letting me giveaway a copy of her book. Leave a comment on and you will be entered to win.

To see more about Cindi’s ministry, books, speaking, check out her website at: Strength for the Soul

The 8 Best Things I Heard at the Women in Leadership Conference

Today I spent a very long, but good day listening to Nancy Beach and Nancy Ortberg discussing the topic of women in leadership in the church. (And I know that many of you were there as well, as we had deep, deep discussions re: Steam Punk.


I loved the day – not just because the two Nancys are so right on, but I got to spend some quality time with Jane Liddle (the Worship leader for one of Menlo Park Prez’s campus churches, and the leader of Tapestry – the rockin’ chick band) and Debbie McDonald, a cool chick pastor from Westgate church in San Jose.


Oh, women in leadership… I so wish that you all could have been there not only to listen to these two ladies who have been-there-done-that in the church, but to be in a room with maybe 300 women who love God and love to lead.

For those of you who were not able to be there – here is a list of the eight best things I heard at the conference.


  1. Help! I am a leader trapped in a woman’s body.
  2. Nobody ever calls little boys bossy.
  3. We need to learn to wait well.
  4. John Ortberg Re: Women serving in the church: “It is not an option for 50% of God’s kingdom to be sitting on the sidelines.”
  5. Leaders need to be the most self-aware people in the room.
  6. We want to keep making mistakes, just different ones.
  7. Almost every issue is a team issue.
  8. You don’t get the right answers unless you ask the right questions.

If you were there, I would love for you to share any bit of wisdom that I missed.

If you weren’t there, what is the best thing you have heard about women in leadership in the church.

Later on today I will have the give away for today.

Do You Have Daughters? Have I Got a Give Away for You!

Do You Have Daughters? Have I Got a Give Away for You!

Recently, my kids (Justen,18 and Kimber 16) and I had an opportunity to go to a Steam Punk Ball.

Yep, I didn’t know what it was, either.

Here is what Wikipedia says about it: “Steampunk is a sub-genre of fantasy and speculative fiction that came into prominence in the 1980s and early 1990s. The term denotes works set in an era or world where steam power is still widely used—usually the 19th century, and often Victorian era
England—but with prominent elements of either science fiction or fantasy, such as fictional technological inventions like those found in the works of H. G. Wells and Jules Verne, or real technological developments like the computer occurring at an earlier date.”

Here is what a Steamtop Computer would look like:


We were invited to the ball by Young Adult Fiction author Shelley Adina, creator of the All About Us Series of books. My kids fell in love with Shelley – Kimber because she got to dress up in all of Shelley’s Victorian garb, Justen, because she shares the same agent as Jim Butcher, his favorite author. Here is a picture of the girls before the ball:


So the other cool thing is that Shelley is giving us three of her books in the All About Us series. I will be giving away all three of the books to one of the readers who leaves a comment on today’s post.

These books are great for the young ladies in your house, but I have to let you know, they are a guilty pleasure for me as well. (Think Gossip Girl without the smut…) You can find out more about Shelley and all of her books at: Shelley’s Website

How cool is that? Not only could you win a set of books for your girl, you can shock her by knowing with Steam Punk is…

First Give-Away of the Week – The Frozen Gourmet

First Give-Away of the Week – The Frozen Gourmet

It was suppose to be a beautiful “lay-around-the-house-after-church” Sunday yesterday. That is until the car thermometer hit 95 degrees. Ugh. Too hot and sticky to lay around.


So Roger and I decided to go out for dinner – hit an air conditioned restaurant and cool off. So we went out – and once we ordered our Grilled Polenta appetizers we realized that we picked the only restaurant in modern America that did not have air conditioning. Double Ugh.


So in celebration of hot-sticky weather, I am sharing one of my favorite Frozen Gourmet Recipes that’s perfect for BBQing. (Oh, and if you are like my agent who Twittered about how the sun was gleaming off the snow in Colorado this morning, this recipe is great for the oven as well…)


Also, I will be giving away a copy of my cookbook The Frozen Gourmet this Friday, randomly drawn from one of the commenters to this posting. Let me know what your favorite hot weather dish is – two chances to win if you actually include the recipe!


Teriyaki Chicken

We make this marinade again and again – it is much better than any prepared marinade you can find in the store.


4 each    Chicken legs and thighs (or use six chicken breasts)

1/2 cup    Soy sauce

3 tbs    Honey

1 tsp    Grated, fresh ginger

2 tbs    Dry sherry (optional)

1 clove    Garlic, minced

2    Green onions, thinly sliced


1. Prepare: Place the chicken in a gallon plastic bag. Mix the remaining ingredients together in a bowl. Pour the mixture over the chicken. Seal the bag.

2. Freeze: Place your bag in another gallon bag and lay flat in the freezer.

3. Serve: Defrost the chicken. Pour off marinade and bake chicken in a pan at 350° for 30- 40 minutes, (or until no longer pink in the center.)

Servings: 4

Monday is Man Food – Chicken Cacciatore

Monday is Man Food – Chicken Cacciatore

Chicken CacciatoreI love this Chicken Cacciatore – not only is it delicious – it freezes Beautifully… So you can make batches and freeze for a quick dinner over pasta, mashed potatoes or rice.

This is from my booklet, The Frozen Gourmet.

This booklet has the top 20 recipes from my freezer cooking club – Six Chicks Freeze and Fix. You can check out the booklet here at:My Bookstore 

Chicken Cacciatore

Servings 4 people


  • 1 lb Boneless, skinless chicken breasts
  • 1 tbs Vegetable oil
  • 1.25 cup Onion
  • 2 cup Mushrooms
  • 28 oz Crushed tomatoes in puree
  • 2 tbs Parsley
  • 1/4 tsp pepper
  • 2 tsp Italian Seasoning
  • 1 tsp Basil
  • Parmesan cheese


  1. Prepare: Cut chicken into cubes. Slice onions and mushrooms. Chop garlic.

     Cooking: In a large skillet, sauté chicken in vegetable oil until no longer pink in the center. Remove chicken from skillet and sauté onions, mushrooms, and garlic until the onions are transparent. Add chicken and remaining ingredients except for Parmesan cheese. Simmer for 15 minutes. Allow sauce to cool.

    Freeze: Freeze in a 13×9 pan.

    Serve: Thaw sauce in the refrigerator overnight. Place the foil-covered pan in a 350° oven for 30 minutes to warm. Serve over pasta or mashed potatoes.

I like to serve this with a crisp salad and rosemary bread.