Episode #237 – Discovering Your Identity

Episode #237 – Discovering Your Identity

Discovering Your Identity


I Am: A 60-Day Journey to Knowing Who You Are Because of Who He Is

From the moment a woman wakes until she falls, exhausted, on her pillow, one question plagues her at every turn:

Am I enough?

After all, the pressure to do more, be more has never been more intense. Online marketing. Self-help books. Movies, magazines and gym memberships. Even church attendance and social media streams have become a means of comparing ourselves to impossible standards. Am I pretty enough? Hip enough? Spiritual enough?

We fear the answer is “No.”




Who are you? Do you know what makes up your identity?

Kathi is joined by her friend, author and speaker Michele Cushatt, author of the new book I Am: A 60-Day Journey to Knowing Who You Are Because of Who He Is to discuss the idea of identity.

How do we decide who we are? What is at the core of who we are? Why is having a secure identity so difficult? Michele and Kathi discuss ways to build our self-value based on truths rather than the constant assaults on our identity through media, marketing, advertising and comparison to others.

It’s a big topic and it can change the way we live our daily life, our relationships, and our worldview.


Download the 60 days of I Am verse cards or purchase the set at the links below.

Verse cards with easel

I Am Book + verse cards with easel

I Am Verse Downloads



Meet Our Guest

Michele Cushatt

Michele Cushatt

A storyteller at heart, Michele Cushatt inspires audiences with the warmth of her transparency and presence. Her unique style makes you feel like you just spent an afternoon with a good friend, sparking tears one moment and laughter the next. Having experienced both the best and worst of life, she’s unafraid to disclose her imperfect spaces, so that you know you’re not alone in yours.

Michele released her second book I Am: A 60-Day Journey to Knowing Who You Are Because of Who He Is, on January 24, 2017. She also authored Undone: A Story of Making Peace with an Unexpected Life with Zondervan Publishers two years ago. Learn more about her book I Am at www.iambook.net and Michele at www.michelecushatt.com.
Episode #237 – Discovering Your Identity

Episode #231 – Get Your People Plan Together (Holiday edition)

People Plan Options

In this podcast, they talk about three options that can help you when it comes to pre-deciding how you will behave:

  1. Personal Manifesto – Creating a “personal manifesto” sets up a code of ethics that helps you pre-decide what you need and want and how to ask for it. (Kathi and Cheri’s manifesto can be viewed here)
  2. Acknowledgment – Acknowledge a pattern and discuss it.  Perhaps the person is willing to change or you can change your reaction to their actions.
  3. Leave – Don’t subject yourself to disrespectful behavior.

Kathi and Cheri run through multiple scenarios to help you pre-plan your responses and help you deal with the overwhelm.        

Overwhelmed: How to Quiet the Chaos and Restore Your Sanity

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Have you endured the Christmas Party where someone just pushes your buttons and you want to scream? Or the family dinner where Aunt Myrtle points out all the things wrong?   We all have challenging people in our lives.  Sometimes we can be the challenge. This is when a people plan can help. Pre-deciding how we will behave when we are in those challenging situations helps us be the best person we can be. Kathi and Overwhelmed co-author, Cheri Gregory, discuss various situations where a “people plan” can turn challenging events into less overwhelming situations.




Free Download

Kathi & Cheri’s Personal Manifesto

Creating your personal manifesto is an amazing way to pre-decide how you are going to handle certain people or situations. Check out Kathi and Cheri’s and even a few of our favorites from those that sent them in that have already read Overwhelmed.


Meet Our Guest

Cheri Gregory

Cheri Gregory

Cheri Gregory is a teacher, speaker, author, and Certified Personality Trainer. Her passion is helping women break free from destructive expectations. She writes and speaks from the conviction that “how to” works best in partnership with “heart, too.”

Cheri is the co-author, with Kathi Lipp, of The Cure for the “Perfect” Life and the upcoming Overwhelmed.

Cheri has been “wife of my youth” to Daniel, her opposite personality, for twenty-eight years and is “Mom” to Annemarie (25) and Jonathon (23), also opposite personalities.

Cheri blogs about perfectionism, people-pleasing, highly sensitive people, and hope at www.cherigregory.com.

Episode #237 – Discovering Your Identity

Episode #218-A Different Beautiful with Courtney Westlake



Buy a Different Beautiful

When Courtney Westlake’s family was given the shocking news that their daughter, Brenna, was born in 2011 with a severe, life-threatening skin disorder, they began to discover a new and different beautiful in their lives–one that values extraordinary differences and appreciates the wonderful sameness found in humanity. In A Different Beautiful, Courtney explores what her family has discovered in raising a child with physical differences and what she has learned about true beauty. Through her personal insights and experiences, Courtney shares how you, too, can learn to find and celebrate God’s version of beautiful in your life, especially within our differences and struggles. How do you respond when someone looks different? Can you see the beauty in situations even when they are challenging? Today I talk with author, Courtney Westlake, about her journey with her daughter who was born with Harlequin Ichthyosisa a severe, life-threatening skin disorder which makes her look very different from others. Listen as we talk about the beauty Courtney has found in life by being Brenna’s mom and what it has taught her about true beauty. We have two copies of Courtney’s Book A Different Beautiful to give away. Listen to the episode and share with whom you would share the book and we will give you two copies: one for you and one to share as a gift.



Meet Our Guest

Courtney Westlake

Courtney Westlake

Courtney Westlake is a writer and photographer with a bachelor’s degree in journalism and a passion for storytelling. Courtney is wife to Evan and mother to Connor and Brenna. After Brenna was born with a rare and life-threatening skin disorder in 2011, Courtney began blogging at CourtneyWestlake.com to chronicle family life and experiences parenting a child with physical differences and special needs. Her writing has been published on sites such as Good Housekeeping, the Huffington Post, Woman’s Day and Yahoo Parenting. Courtney is the author of A Different Beautiful, releasing August 1, 2016.