Wednesday – What do SpongeBob Square Pants and I have in Common?

Wednesday – What do SpongeBob Square Pants and I have in Common?

We’re both working for Nickelodeon.

OK – so he has a major kids show and I will be a food writer for their parenting magazine, but still, I’m pretty excited.

So, for those of you who read this blog, let me tell you, a lot of it is due to you.

Here’s how it went down:

I have the world’s best agent, Rachelle Gardner. Every time I talk to her she assures me that I, in fact, am her only client and that she spends all of her waking hours working to make sure that I am completely happy. Well, I have evidence to the contrary.

Seems that she has another client, Erin MacPherson. I will excuse this little indiscretion on Rachelle’s part because Erin is super cool and real and funny. (And since you have amazing taste – I know this because you read this blog – you should absolutely check out her super-fun blog and new book here.)


Erin and I started chatting by e-mail and then she checked out my blog. That’s when she discovered me and my deep abiding love for all things tomato. After doing a little digging in the blog, she saw that roughly a quarter of all my post were food related.

Little did I know that for her day job, Erin is a writer/editor for Nickelodeon Family and Kids digital and edits their weekly food newsletter. Oh, and did I want to be a food writer for them.

Um, yeah.

So thanks to all of you and your love of all things yummy, I get to do a very cool job and work with a really cool woman.

Writing about food.

These are a few of my favorite things…

Oh – and if you want to subscribe to Parent Connect Food Newsletter sign up for it here. (My first issue – coming out next week –  is all about how to use fresh tomatoes. Yum…)

Writerly Wednesday: Do You Want to be a Speaker or Writer When You Grow Up?

Writerly Wednesday: Do You Want to be a Speaker or Writer When You Grow Up?

Author/Speaker Marketing Boot Camp Saturday August 21st in San Jose, CA

A couple of times a year I get the very fun task of teaching the Author Speaker Marketing Boot Camp for CLASS. (Christian Leaders Authors and Speaker Services.)  This seminar is held all over the country, and now, it’s in my hometown.

If you want to be a author, you have to be a speaker (and the other way around). Every publishing house is looking for an author with a platform and want someone who knows how to market their own book. (The days of multi-city book tours and over-paid publicists are a thing of the past.)

If you want a better chance of getting a book published, learning how to market the book, your message, and yourself are critical.

Plus, this workshop is a whole lotta fun.

So if you want to hang out for the day, learn the business side of being an author and speaker, and meet a whole bunch of great writers who are actually doing the whole publishing thing, this is the place to be.

For more info, check out CLASS for the details.

Shameless Self Promotion – And a Thesis on Paper Books vs. Kindle

Shameless Self Promotion – And a Thesis on Paper Books vs. Kindle

tmp-cover There are just some things that make me feel like a grown-up writer. Having my book come out on Kindle is definitely up there.

I just found out that The Marriage Project (released this month) is now available on Kindle. And that makes me very, very happy.

I know, many of you think Kindle is the downfall of modern civilization. (Or at least the publishing industry.) In fact, when my friend Cathy was at a writer’s retreat and mentioned her Kindle, another author proceeded to give her a lecture about how she was contributing to the demise of independent bookstores everywhere.

Which is hilarious, because besides me, no one has contributed more to the success of independent bookstores that Cathy (as judged by her bookshelves…)kindle

I “read” a lot of books every year. “Read” is in quotes because I also download a lot of books to my iPod to listen to while walking Jake the puggle (pug/beagle mix) or while driving to speaking engagements. (Roger is not  a book on tape fan and therefore does not want to listen to anything while we are driving together, preferring meaningful conversation. Whatever.)

If I read 100 books a year (which, may in fact not be too far off…)I would guess that my breakdown goes something like this:

15 Audible Downloads

20 Amazon Purchases (of actual books)

14 Kindle Downloads

10 Gifts from other friends and authors (either purchased in a store or as a free copy from the publisher – and BTW – I receive a lot more books than I read…)

41 books from Brick and Mortar stores (these would include B&N, Borders, Christian bookstores, independent bookstores, airport bookstores, etc.)

So I am interested – what is your breakdown of what your read? Do you own an e-reader and if not – do you want one – or are you morally opposed to it. (Don’t worry, all opinions are welcomed – if not always embraced…)

My Oh So Big Hollywood News

My Oh So Big Hollywood News

Wanna hear something wild?

Back in July, I got an e-mail from a woman named Danielle who said she was a producer and was interested in possibly optioning the rights to The Husband Project and making it into a film.

Uh-huh. Right.

And I bet you want me to do a wire transfer to recover a prince’s fortune in Zimbabwe (and I will double my money at the same time!)

Those kind of things only happen in the movies. I know enough about writing books to know that non-fiction books don’t get made into movies and those things don’t happen to me.

But, after I signed contracts on Friday, I realized those things do happen to me.

After four long months, a lot of agents and producers emailing and calling back and forth, a real live movie producer (she is on and everything) has optioned The Husband Project.

An option means that this productions company has the right for the next year to develop a film or TV show featuring The Husband Project. What it doesn’t mean is that I have a film deal or I can now invest in your new water purification system. The money I’ve made on this option is nothing to retire on. (And when I think of the hours that my agent has put into this deal and the pay she is getting, it makes me want to send her lavish boxes of chocolates.) 

Our next step is to see if there is interest in putting together a film or TV show. (I have nothing to do with this next step.) If they do, that’s when things get way more exciting. (And potentially a bit more lucrative.) It is very, very fun. They are talking writers and “talent” and are asking for my input for story ideas based on some of the stories y’all have told me. How cool is that?

As I find out more, I will let you know. 

But come on. How cool is that!?!