The Christmas Project Planner

Christmas—whether you really love it, secretly dread it, or fall somewhere in between—shows up the same time every year, as unavoidable as your aunt’s fruitcake.
But this season, don’t stress your “elf” out. Be ready with this amazing planner designed to help you get a handle on the holidays. Stay organized (and sane) when you put expectations aside and choose to focus on the things you truly want to do during Christmas.

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About the Project Planner

You’ll be amazed at what you can accomplish with just a little more organization and less obligation. With 21 simple projects, this book will help you stay on schedule so you can spend more time enjoying your friends and family instead of frantically trying to cobble Christmas together at the last minute (again).     

You can do this! Let clutter-free queen Kathi Lipp show you how.

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“I love Christmas! I want to decorate all the things, see all the shows, and wow my loved ones with all the delicacies. But one person can’t do it all. I end up driving my family crazy and exhausting myself in the process. Not the best way to enjoy the holiday!

This beautiful book reminds me to prioritize what’s important and focus on the joys of the season.
With practical projects and endearing illustrations from the author’s own life, this Christmas Project Planner is a much-needed guide for a sane and happy Christmas.”

– Lyneta


Even Santa has a Strategy

The Christmas Project Planner is your strategic plan for a stress-free holiday season. The daily projects make holiday preparations easy, even for the busiest of families. And because it’s a planner, you can use it year after year – no need to start from scratch every season.

The planner has everything from flaps to store your receipts (no more spending surprises) to planning pages made for sticky notes so you can think and rethink your action plan. It’s an all-in-one system to cutting the clutter from Christmas and focusing on what matters most – you and your family.

“When Kathi talks about rocking back and forth in the corner, hoping for the holidays to end, she’s talking about me. Seriously. I promise…I’m a good person. I love Jesus. I love my family. But I’m tired to the never-ending list of expectations I can NEVER meet. Even when I try my absolute best, I never seem to measure up to other moms.

But thanks to the Christmas Project Planner, I now understand that Christmas IS NOT the problem. The problem is letting the expectations of others determine what Christmas should be for my family. Taking Kathi’s advice, I finally asked my family what they wanted – and then I used her day-by-day plan to do it without exhausting myself. Instead of dreading Christmas, I’ve found joy and peace.”

– Tonya


Don’t Do It Alone!

Our Christmas Project Planner VIP Facebook group is your online holiday support system. You’ll never be alone with our members there to support and guide you. The group will tackle the projects together AND share in the spirit of the season with Kath and members of her team. No need to stress your ‘elf out – you have backup!

“Every year, I believe this year will be different. So, I plan for it. Starting early. Very early. And then life creeps in and the best laid to-do list on the back of an envelope gets lost in the shuffle of everyday life of paying the bills and feeding the kids.

As the holidays approach, I decided I really do want this year to be different. The Christmas Planner was that missing piece for me. The planner’s projects helped me figure out what was truly important to my family during this season and to take the steps needed to weed out the things that didn’t make the cut.”

– Deanna


About the Author

Kathi Lipp

Kathi Lipp is the bestselling author of You Don’t Have to Try So Hard, Clutter Free, and Overwhelmed. She is the host of the Clutter Free Academy podcast. She and her husband, Roger, live in California and are parents of four young adults. Kathi shares her story at retreats, conferences, and women’s events across the United States. Connect with her at, and on Facebook.

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