Study Details

This 6-week study will be conducted on Facebook through Facebook Live broadcasts and discussions via the private members-only Clutter Free Academy facebook group. Group members and their posts are only viewable to others in the group – your comments and participation will not appear in the news feeds of others or in your activity time line.

Every week, participants will:

1. Receive reading recommendations from Clutter Free that correspond to the week’s topics for discussion. Outside reading is optional but increases the value you receive from the study.
2. Watch a session video in the from the online Bible Studdy that you get lifetime access to.
3. Discuss questions live with the Clutter Free Academy Team. Video discussions will be recorded for viewing at your convenience.
4. Receive the opportunity to dig deeper through reflection questions that can be completed on your own. 

The schedule- February 17 – March 31

All Facebook Lives are conducted on the Facebook Group page at 6:00pm PST on Wednesdays.


2/17: Uncovering the Cost of Clutter
2/24: Why We Buy Stuff
3/3:   Why We Keep Stuff A

3/10: Why We Keep Stuff B
3/17: How to Get Rid of Stuff A
3/24: How to Get Rid of Stuff B
3/31: FB Live Celebration

About The Clutter Free Bible Study

Did you know that God wants you to be free? Free from clutter- physical, emotional, spiritual clutter- so you can be free to change your world. It’s true. In this 6-week course, we’ll work side-by-side (virtually) to:

• Break free from the lies that keep you mired in clutter

• Uncover the shame that makes you hold onto things you will never use

• Confront the fear that keeps you down in ‘Just in Case” thinking

• Untangle from the guilt of letting go of things that no longer serve you

It doesn’t matter if you have rooms of clutter at your home or just feel overwhelmed by the constant flow of paperwork in your life, we can all use a friend to guide us through decluttering the distractions that keep us from living out the purpose God has for us. That’s exactly what you will get when you join Kathi for this funny, Bible-fueled journey that’s sure to bring you closer to the One who longs for your heart.

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 “What a lifesaver (and home saver, marriage saver, sanity saver, etc.) and a permanent mindset changer! A powerful tool with step by step instructions on how to clear clutter, reset our way of handling and valuing items in our home, and get to the root of why we clutter so that we can keep it from accumulating again.”
– Christie MCKay, Amazon Book Review

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