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5 Fall Decluttering Tips

Halloween is now behind us and Thanksgiving right around the corner but before we start bringing out the Christmas decorations let’s take a moment to celebrate fall by decluttering a bit, shall we? Here are five simple things you can do this week to get rid fall...

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#327A Is Cozy Minimalism Possible?

Do you struggle with wanting to live clutter free but also wanting to create a warm and inviting feel to your home? On today’s show, Kathi sits down with Myquillyn Smith to talk about her book, Cozy Minimalist Home. Myquillyn shares her insights into what it means to...

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Envy and Clutter: The Connection and the Solution

Every day, the email shows up … “Create the perfect pumpkin landscape!” “When stripes and paisley collide …” The headlines, the stand-up-and-take-notice headlines, greet me every single day. I subscribed to these emails because I adore my friend who is sending them....

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Declutter Before and After-Melody’s Story

Want Inner Peace? Get Rid of Clutter One Step At a Time! Melody stumbled onto the Clutter Free Academy Facebook Group after she sought online groups to support her in dealing with decluttering. In late 2017, she moved her father into assisted living; anything that...

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9 Truths You Need to Know About Asking for Help

I asked for help today. It was tempting to wait a few more days, to see if I really needed help or if I could manage on my own.  But last night, I asked myself, Why wait?  And the only answer that came to mind was from my People-Pleasing past. A Woman Who Helps Others...

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How to Find Your Decluttering Motivation Again

My friend Lyneta Smitth shares how to rediscover your decluttering motivation so you can live a clutter free life.   I flew home from a conference in 2016 with a signed copy of Clutter Free in my hands. By the time I landed in Nashville, I’d finished it and determined...

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Facebook Live: Handle Paper Like a Boss

Handle Paper Clutter Like a Boss: Create (and Use!) a Paper Organization File Time and again in our Clutter Free Academy Facebook group, one subject keeps rearing it's ugly head: "HOW do I handle all of the paper?!?" In July, we talked on Facebook Live about Kathi's...

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Two Places to Declutter for a Better Marriage

When I talk to women about what they want to improve in their lives, so many say something along these lines: “I want to focus on my husband this year. And I want to finally get organized. And lose weight!” OK – so I may not be able to help you with the weight thing....

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5 Ways to Foster Creativity and Stay Organized

Learn 5 easy ways to foster creativity and stay organized at the same time.     I come from a line of crazy, creative women. My grandmother was a designer, and then the first woman creative director for Hallmark Cards. She toured all over the Midwest giving talks...

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Declutter Before and After: Tina’s Story

Get motivated to declutter YOUR home with this declutter before and after story. Tina knows the feeling of overwhelm all too well. Chronic depression made getting started on a project seem impossible. Tina found help when she received a copy of the book Clutter Free,...

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