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Clutter Free Habits for Kids

Picture this. You’ve just spent the last few hours tidying up the house while the kids are at school and you finally sit down to have a drink of water. You take a sip, let out a huge sigh of relief, and marvel at the wondrous sight of your squeaky-clean kitchen. “Nice...

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Spring Fling #10: Garage Cleaning

Day 10 and it’s time to get out of the house ... and get your garage cleaning underway. For years, my garage has been the dumping ground for everything. My business, my kids’ stuff, tools, craft projects, out of season clothes, out of season decorations, mid-project...

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Spring Fling Day #2: Taming the Closet

Day two of the Spring Fling. This may be your hardest yet. Taming the closet! Asking women to get rid of clothes is like asking men to get rid of tools. If you’ve ever struggled to get ready in the morning with dozens of items of clothes in your closet, but have...

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