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#373: Declutter Your To-Do List (Part 2)

If you need to declutter your to-do list, you are in good company! In this week’s podcast, Kathi continues her conversation with Tonya Kubo, grand poohbah of all things Clutter Free Academy online, about how to declutter your to-do list.In Part One of this episode,...

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3 Ways to Fight Clutter When You Feel Stuck

So many people are talking about decluttering lately. Maybe you’ve caught the bug, too, but after a promising start, you hit a wall. It feels like there’s too much and no way to tackle it all. Sound familiar? I recorded a live training on Facebook that shares 3 Ways...

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#360 Learning to Love the Right Now You

On today’s episode of the podcast, Kathi is back with authors Amy Carroll and Cheri Gregory, for part 2 of the conversation on their new book Exhale. Kathi, Amy and Cheri discuss how to love who you are and live your one life well.  On today’s show you’ll learn:Why we...

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What Are the Hidden Reasons for Clutter?

For some people, a three-step plan for a decluttering system results in a neat and cozy home within a few months. For others, decluttering is an arduous journey. It’s not because of busyness or not having a system in place. Behind stacks of clutter, hidden spiritual and emotional issues lurk. If we’re honest, we admit that sometimes it’s just easier to keep those issues hidden in the piles of clutter.

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5 Fall Decluttering Tips

Halloween is now behind us and Thanksgiving right around the corner but before we start bringing out the Christmas decorations let’s take a moment to celebrate fall by decluttering a bit, shall we? Here are five simple things you can do this week to get rid fall...

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