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Has your stuff taken over your home (and your sense of peace?)

You’ve read all the books and watched all the videos, and even though you could probably quote some of the decluttering and organizing experts right off the top of your head, sometimes, it’s hard to translate that knowledge into action.

Bring in a life change, other people in your home, and more, and this decluttering thing seems totally impossible.

I get it – it all falls to you.

And you’re tired.

You want a house that hugs you when you come home, not screams at you that in order to have any peace, you’ll have to take the next six months of your life and deciate all your energy to just unburying from all the piles.

But your life isn’t going to stop (or even slow down).

You need to find another way.

What if You Could Finally Reclaim Your Home?

It is possible to make huge progress on your home without dedicating all of your time, energy and money to it.

Imagine a home where you have clear spaces, a place for everything, and everything in its place.

This is possible – because it’s worked for me and thousands of others.

Here’s how to take back your home without sacrificing the rest of your life 


Spend some time understanding what each room is used for (and get specific)


Bring in your five senses to make your room come alive


This is where we get serious about what belongs and what doesn’t (hint, there are sorting bags and trips to Goodwill involved)


Make that space uniquely yours by bringing your heart and personality to it


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When you create a Clutter Free home, it changes not just your house, but you!

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Less Clutter = More Space

To start living the live you want, you need to be willing to take the next steps to take back your home.

Clutter Free focuses on you: creating the space that you love and want to live in.

Kathi Lipp and Tonya Kubo are the founders of Clutter Free Academy. Both Tonya and Kathi are the daughters of hoarders who found themselves struggling with the effects of clutter in their own homes and knew they had to live their lives differently.  Join them on Facebook where they share their journey and help you on yours.