Do you want a plan to get your house decluttered and organized in a way that makes you feel happy and in control?

Have you ever thought to yourself,

“I wish I had the self-control to stick to a decluttering and organizing plan?”

Maybe you’ve asked yourself…

  • “Why can’t I just stay organized?”

  • “Why can I never find anything when I’m looking for it?”
  • “Why is keeping clutter out of my house so hard for me?”

What if I told you that there is one thing — just one thing — that can help you to change your current situation?

    Imagine this…

      You find a way to get rid of the clutter in each room of your house.

      You create a life where you are able to stay on top of it.

      You learn to organize in a way that makes sense to you.

      You can find your things that are important enough to keep.

      You live in a house that is at peace.

      Hey friend, Kathi Lipp here.

      I’m the author of Clutter Free and The Clutter Free Home, as well as the founder of the Clutter Free Academy Podcast and Facebook Group.

      I have helped thousands of people reclaim their homes and live in peace with their stuff.

      I’ve traveled all over the U.S. teaching people how to declutter and organize their homes – not Pinterest perfect, but livable and loving spaces that work for them and their families.

        For years, I was a writer and speaker focused on helping women in their marriages (my book, The Husband Project, was even a Publishers Weekly bestseller.) And while I loved talking about transforming marriages, I realized that more and more people were being helped when I talked about transforming my home.


          You see, I wasn’t a hoarder, but I was on the fast track to becoming one.

            I grew up with a hoarder (my father) and never broke away from some of the habits and mindsets I learned from him. And besides wanting a beautiful and ordered home, I wanted to stop beating myself up about not just how my home looked, but how it felt as well. 

            I had tried every organizing and decluttering system there was. I would make some progress. And then life would get busy, and I was back to my cluttery ways. 

            But then, after a hard marriage and even worse divorce, a miracle was happening. I was getting remarried. The problem? The only house we could afford was the one that my fiancé already owned: And it was 1,400 square feet. For six people. No joke.

              I had to make a decision – was I going to continue in my life of clutter, or was I going to finally figure out why clutter had such a hold on me?

              After spending so much of my time trying to figure out why clutter was such a struggle, I got down to the root of it.

              It wasn’t the stuff. It was how I felt about the stuff.

              Fear“What if I need this someday?” 

              Guilt“But someone I love gave this to me.” 

              Shame“But I spent so much money on this.”

              And that is when I realized that if I could understand how I felt about my stuff, I could deal with my stuff once and for all.

                The one thing that actually made a difference in not just my clutter, but my peace, was my decluttering community.

                Once I started to talk through my clutter issues with people who actually understood the mentality behind why I kept the things I did, it was the beginning of starting to let things go in a way that had never happened before. 

                It felt so freeing to have conquered my clutter, I wanted everyone else to experience the same peace, so I decided to write a book about it.

                Not because I knew it all but because I HAD BEEN THROUGH IT ALL.

                  Tonya Kubo Picture

                  That’s how I met my biggest decluttering accountability partner – Tonya Kubo.

                    Tonya and I have helped each other not only declutter, but check our thinking so that we never get back to the place of being overwhelmed by clutter ever again. Once Tonya and I linked arms, and kept each other accountable, everything changed.

                    With our decluttering community, change can happen for you too.

                      • You begin decluttering a little bit, every day, even when you didn’t feel like it.

                      • You know where things are in your house. (No more buying seconds – or thirds – of things because you can’t find what you already own…)  

                      • You love your house, and begin feeling comfortable inviting others over. Even with less than 24 hours notice!

                      • And most importantly? You start to live in peace.

                      OK, so listen.

                      You’ve been thinking about how this will be the year to finally declutter your house and create the home you’ve always dreamed of. One that is filled with peace instead of stuff.

                      Is the idea of changing your home something you’d like to start working on? Because, right now, I have a plan that will show you how.

                      Today, I’m so excited to introduce you to our PRIVATE MEMBERSHIP COMMUNITY, Clutter Free for Life. After years of living our Clutter Free lives, Tonya and I created this membership for people who don’t just want to change their homes, but also their habits and minds one day at a time. 

                      One of the biggest factors in clutter, I have come to understand, is decision fatigue.  Having to make decisions of not only what you are going to get rid of, but also what room to work on first, how much time to spend decluttering (and when to stop), where to put things?

                      Because when everything feels like it is just completely overwhelming, it is, well, overwhelming. So, our goal is to help you simplify your decisions.

                        Each month, we will have a focus room that we will all be working on together.

                        As a Clutter Free for Life member, you dedicate one day a week to each room in your home and you spend 15 minutes working our proven system.


                        Week in and week out.


                        Before you know it, your entire house will start to become less cluttered and more focused. Small, doable steps add up to big impact over time.


                        And if you’re worried about burning out, we have you covered. We host weekly coaching sessions and regular action-oriented challenges to keep you motivated and to boost your decluttering efforts as you make your way through your home.


                        When you follow the Clutter Free for Life program, you will see real change happening in your home.


                        Within the first three months, most members say they:

                        • See a shift in perspective on how they view their clutter – and their lives
                        • Make real progress in their decluttering efforts, unlike ever before
                        • Create routines that make living a Clutter Free life sustainable AND enjoyable
                        • Have found their people – We really are the kindest corner of the internet you could ever hope to find.

                        When you join Clutter Free for Life, you are surrounded by other people on the same journey – and leaders who have turned their lives around.

                        Introducing our Clutter Free for Life Coaches

                        Tonya Kubo

                        Tonya Kubo

                        The daughter of a hoarder, Tonya Kubo is the founder of the Clutter Free Academy Facebook group and Clutter Free for Life membership. After spending decades thinking she was doomed to follow in her mother’s footsteps, she now helps others to kick clutter to the curb once and for all in a way that’s practical and sustainable.

                        Grace Church

                        Grace Church

                        Grace discovered Clutter Free through Kathi’s “2,000 Thing Fling” in January 2015. Since then, she’s been counting, cleaning, and decluttering her way through her home, one item at a time. Grace has been a regular contributor to Clutter Free Academy since it began in 2016 and a member of Clutter Free for Life since its inception in 2019.

                        Deanna Young

                        Deanna Young

                        “Organized Deanna” thought she was clutter free until she heard Kathi speak at a 2016 conference. That’s when she realized she was organizing clutter. She went home, joined Clutter Free Academy and never looked back. Clutter Free for Life enhances her journey, and she continues to spend 15 minutes daily kicking clutter to the curb.

                        Roger Lipp

                        Roger Lipp

                        Roger is Kathi’s husband and partner in all things life and business. When Roger isn’t wrangling chickens at The Red House, he helps teams of technical creators achieve their goals by helping them make sense of the chaos that naturally comes about from the creative process. He brings this same sense of calm chaos-busting to Clutter Free for Life.

                        Here are just a few of the people Tonya and I have been able to help:

                        My entire life was cluttered – home, garage, storage unit, files, email, and my brain. CF4L gives me a supportive, safe place to conquer clutter in chunks, with warm, caring people who don’t judge me but encourage me. Because of CF4L, I can now peacefully invite others into my home without needing to apologize. I have counted over 9,000 items that have left my home in 2 years!

                        Carrie C.

                        San Diego, CA

                        My clutter struggle:  Before Clutter Free for Life, my house was a hot mess.  I had stuff everywhere, I couldn’t find things, and I was frustrated a lot.  

                        I love how CF4L has a plan.  A monthly focus, weekly calls, and daily missions.  It has been such a great and fun group to be involved with.  As Tonya and Kathi say, “we are the kindest corner of the internet”! 

                        Now,  I feel more relaxed.  Thanks CF4L!!!

                        Brenda K

                        Bowling Green, KY

                        After a lifelong struggle with clutter and disorganization due to how I was raised and my ADHD, I found Clutter Free. Even though I’m in my sixties, tried and failed every other method under the sun, and had given up on ever getting it under control, Kathi and Tonya convinced me that this time would be different, and it was thanks to their guidance, support, and small, doable steps. After five years, I know that I will always be working on this (I’ve lovingly told them I’m in this for life!), but now have the tools and positive mindset with which to keep my life in order. I highly recommend this wonderful group.

                        Cathy A

                        Warrensburg, MO

                        My biggest clutter challenge is that every flat surface becomes a catch-all until it becomes overwhelming. Clutter Free For Life has helped me become intentional about my time and break down tasks so I feel the momentum of accomplishing a victory on something as small as the top of my dishwasher. The habits I have built through Clutter Free For Life have changed how my entire family manages the daily upkeep of our family’s “stuff”.

                        Hannah T

                        Random Lake, WI

                        Struggling with lifelong clutter, Kathi’s book ‘Clutter Free Home’ was a revelation. Embracing her mantras, I started decluttering my house. Then I joined Clutter Free Academy, and just recently got rid of 1205 items in a week, aiming for 4000 this month. This journey improved my life and marriage! Huge thanks to Kathi and the supportive, non-judgmental Clutter Free Academy community!

                        Jackie R

                        Sterling Heights, MI

                        Why do I need Clutter Free for Life? I grew up being trained in “waste not, want not” which translates to “keep everything, just in case.” This became a heavy burden to carry, physically in my house, and in my heart. CF4L has helped me with my mindset: let go to bless others because God will provide for me. Now that I’m not relying on what I have stored in my house, I’m much more aware of the small blessings that the good Father gives me.

                        Tracy Z

                        By now, you’re probably wondering how much a membership like this will cost. I get it. There’s A LOT included here:

                        • Monthly decluttering plans, so you know what to do and when to do it
                        • Tracking sheets to document your progress
                        • Weekly coaching sessions to dig deeper into your clutter challenges and learn from others fighting the same battle as you
                        • A compassionate community on Facebook where you can give and get support AND celebrate your wins among those who really understand clutter and its lies
                        • Access to a members-only portal with recordings of all coaching sessions and resource materials (just in case Facebook isn’t your thing)

                        Take Clutter Free for Life for a test drive.

                        Try out our course, our coaches, our check-ins and our community, and see how it works for YOU!

                        And if at any time in the first 30 days, you find it’s not worth your investment, let our team know and we’ll get you a refund. No questions asked. Sound fair?

                        So here is the real question – Is peace in your home worth checking out the membership? 

                        Even if it does only half of what we claim, it will pay for itself as soon as you start to see real results not only in your home, but in your mind.

                        So if you’re ready, just go ahead and click the ENROLL NOW button below and take advantage of this very special offer.

                        Click the ENROLL NOW button below and get started today.


                        Billed monthly at $24.99, cancel any time


                        • Access to our private, members-only Facebook group for daily encouragement and problem-solving

                        • Weekly Zoom coaching sessions with Kathi and the team

                        • Bonus members-only workshops with extra special guest experts

                        • A membership portal with all of the resources and recordings for times when you don’t want to be on social media

                        YEARLY PLAN



                        • Access to our private, members-only Facebook group for daily encouragement and problem-solving

                        • Weekly Zoom coaching sessions with Kathi and the team

                        • Bonus members-only workshops with extra special guest experts

                        • A membership portal with all of the resources and recordings for times when you don’t want to be on social media

                        • Your price will never go up as long as your membership stays active.

                        It’s time to kick clutter to the curb once and for all.

                        Make Room for More (More Joy, More Peace)!

                        FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS


                        What Exactly is Clutter Free for Life?

                        Clutter Free for Life is an online membership focused on action, accountability, and community support. Members get a monthly decluttering plan, tracking sheets to document their progress, weekly coaching sessions on Zoom, and bonus resources that go along with each month’s theme. We even add in challenges for some friendly competition! Members can access their benefits on Facebook or through our private membership portal, where we upload all coaching sessions to watch on demand. Each week, you also get a digest email, so you always know what’s going on. The Facebook community is most active with members who want to give and get support, but we also respond to comments on the portal if Facebook isn’t your thing. 

                        Who is Clutter Free for Life For?

                        Clutter Free for Life is for anyone who is tired of feeling like they are being suffocated by their stuff. Whether your clutter is hidden away or out in plain sight, you are welcome in our membership community. Several of our members have tried other decluttering methods and organizing systems. Clutter Free for Life works where others didn’t because it was created by cluttery peeps FOR cluttery peeps. Whether you need a gentle nudge or a prescriptive step-by-step plan, our curriculum and community are here to support you. 

                        How Much Time Will I Need to Dedicate Each Week?

                        This is my FAVORITE question! Why? Because I remember the programs that required day-long decluttering and cleaning marathons — and the exhaustion that came from them. Our plan is built on the belief that small, daily actions lead to big results over time. So, in Clutter Free for Life, we ask you to commit to 15 minutes of daily decluttering and a single one-hour session of deep decluttering each week. You can do more, and you can do less. But we find our most successful members are the ones who focus on a slow and steady pace. 

                        What Makes Clutter Free for Life Different from Reading a Book or Watching a Decluttering Show?

                        Another great question — and one Tonya Kubo (co-founder of the community) answers best. She says that a lot of people just need to know what to do and when to do it. For those people, my books (Clutter Free and The Clutter-Free Home) or the Clutter Free Academy podcast are the perfect resources. But others need more. More handholding, more encouragement, more direction when it comes to staying on track when life throws a curve ball. That’s how Tonya, Grace, Deanna, and our members classify themselves. Clutter Free for Life was created for the people who need more than a book or show can provide. 

                        Can I Join Clutter Free for Life If I'm Not Tech-Savvy?

                        Tech gets the best of all of us. And this is an area where Tonya and Roger both work especially hard to support. If you can open an email, join a Facebook group, or log into a website, you have all the tech skills required to participate in Clutter Free for Life. 

                        However, Tonya has created tutorials for those who have difficulty finding member resources, downloading files, or figuring out where to begin. If you get really stuck, you can always email her directly at  

                        What Results Can I Expect and How Soon?

                        The Clutter Free for Life journey is a personal one. Some of us are buyers. Some are keepers. And some struggle with the compulsion to do both. Because of that, we can’t tell you exactly how long it’ll take for you to have the peace you seek in your home. What we CAN tell you, however, is that most members experience noticeable results in three months. They report: 

                        • A shift in perspective on how they view their clutter – and their lives 
                        • Real progress in their decluttering efforts, unlike ever before 
                        • Routines that make living a Clutter Free live sustainable AND enjoyable 
                        • Comfort with our community – We really are the kindest corner of the internet you could ever hope to find 

                        Most members stay with us for three years, each year focusing on a different aspect of their clutter-free journey: 

                        • Year 1 is when they get rid of their clutter 
                        • Year 2 is when they focus on making their home into a haven 
                        • Year 3 is when they gain confidence that Clutter Free is truly a way of life 

                        Some members — like Grace, Tonya, Annette, and LA — are lifers and say they can’t imagine not having the Clutter Free for Life community in their corner. We will be in your corner as long as you need us. 

                        Is There Ongoing Support Available If I Get Stuck?

                        Life loves to get in the way, especially when you’re trying to take control of your clutter. That’s why the Clutter Free for Life program includes:  

                        • weekly coaching sessions on Zoom 
                        • a Facebook community for regular support 
                        • and access to our team via email (Tonya loves to get your emails).  
                        What Happens If I Fall Behind in the Program?

                        We’ve structured Clutter Free for Life so that you can jump in at any point and start from there. No need to go back to what you’ve missed unless it solves a specific problem you’re facing right now. Whether you join in the middle of a busy season or during an unusually quiet time in your life, you can make the program work for you. If you need to step away for a bit, reach out to Grace or Tonya when you’re ready to return and they’ll help you get reoriented. 

                        What is the Refund Policy?

                        We offer a 30-day no-risk guarantee. If at any time during your first 30 days, you find that Clutter Free for Life hasn’t lived up to our promises, you can request a full refund by emailing  

                        Are There Any Additional Costs Involved After Joining?

                        We don’t require any additional purchases to be successful at Clutter Free for Life. In fact, all active members get a free pass to the Abundant Home Conference in March. The half-day conference covers topics like gardening, décor, fashion, and hospitality.  

                        How Do I Access the Members-Only Facebook Group and Other Resources?

                        When you enroll in the membership, you’ll receive a welcome email with links to our membership portal and Facebook Group. You’ll need to set up your portal account to access the resources there. When you join the Facebook Group (Tonya personally approves every request), you get instant access to all downloads and resources available in the group (not to mention the 350+ members ready to welcome you!). If you don’t get your welcome email within 24 hours of joining, and it’s not hiding in your spam, junk or promotions folders, email and we’ll sort things out for you.